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Basic Info
Full Name: Sikuliak Yuku Qeya-Black
Subspecies: Mixed (50% Rocky Mountain wolf x 25% Greenland wolf x 12.5% Greenland dog x 12.5% Australian Shepherd)
Size: Tiny, Pudgy
Sex: Male
Gender: Cisgender Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Age: 0.2 (07/19/2021)
Birthplace: Duskfire Glacier, Snowforest Taiga, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
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Profile of Sikuliak: Details
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An even clash of wilderness and domestication, the boy will grow into a conformation that closely resembles his father's: tall and athletic, overshadowing his wolfdog mother long before he finishes growing. From Imaq, he will inherit blotched skin and a merle coat, though his coloration will differ in hue. Similar to an unknown great-grandfather, he will be pale, his top side draped in a base coat of heather grey and patched with blots of raven-black and spilled ink. White markings will coat the underside of his jaw and patch his chest, much like Rye's, and he will also have white 'socks' on his hind feet. Whiskey eyes, a few shades darker than his father's golden optics, are developing as Sikuliak loses his puppy colors.

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TBD via IC roleplay!

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- Conceived by parents, Rye Hotah Black and Imaq "Tupilak" Qeya, on 05/17/2021.

- Born on 07/19/2021.

- Eyes open on 08/05/2021 -- begins communicating, eating regurgitated meat, and walking around this time.

-- Has a fight with Makazta around 1 month, socialization stage.

-- Moves to the rendezvous site, weaned off milk, can go on short trips with adults. (2 months of age.)

[Image: 245205259023212.png]
Paternal Grandparents: Talla x Weizen
Maternal Grandparents: Eelisi x Salik
Paternal Aunts/Uncles: Brazen , Ayywa , Whyvern
Maternal Aunts/Uncles: many
Mother: Imaq "Tupilak" Qeya
Father: Rye Hotah Black
Siblings: Aanarsi , HenĂ­nge , Ikila (via Imaq, c. 2020), Makatza Duskfire (via Rye Hotah Black & Tzila Duskfire , c. 2021)
Co-parented pups: Arius Duskfire , Ensio Duskfire (via Wintersbane Duskfire & Tzila Duskfire , c. 2021)
Pack History
Rho, Pi

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Profile of Sikuliak: Additional Information
Registered on May 17, 2021, last visited November 17, 2021, 02:59 PM
Name Meaning: Sikuliak - 'first ice in the fall.' Yuku - 'a bright star.'
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