Profile of War: Quick Facts

Played By: Eoran
Basic Info
Full Name: War
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 3 (2019)
Birthplace: Valley to the east (outside)
Profile of War: Details
Huge, bulky and with tones of red and brown. She has grey eyes and is genereally speaking huge to look at, could be confused with a male from a distance.
[Image: rUtjEAj.png]
- War is driven by fighting. She knows of nothing else but to fight and show strength.
- Suffers from PTSD that causes flashbacks, anxiety attacks and the like outside of battle.
- Is a skilled warrior, nonetheless.
- Is kind of feral. She can speak perfectly well but prefers to use her body language to signal her feelings.
- Does NOT hide her emotions of true feelings in any way. She speaks her mind right off the bat and holds nothing back.
- War has seen a great deal of horror, as well as committing horrible things. She is NOT a bad person for this, but simply knows no other way and thinks it normal.
- Does not understand compassion or empathy too much, she had never had a need for it or been shown kindness herself.
War has never left the battle. She was raised in a pack far to the east in a valley where fighting was all they cared about. She battled her way through life, was never acknowledged for her skills in battle or ever given any credit for it either. She didn't mind though, had no real ambition, she just wanted to fight. The pack was blood thirsty, wanted to expand it's territory further, but one day they took up a fight they couldn't wind and amidst the chaos and disbandment of her home, War ended up in Teekon wilds in search of a new home.
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