Profile of Redbird: Quick Facts
manip av by myself, manip av by jess, drawn av by summer, ref by muttn!
Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Indra "Redbird"
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 2.25 (August 16, 2021)
Birthplace: Nightfire Bypass (Rivenwood)
At a Glance
Profile of Redbird: Details
A brawny adult coated in faded vermeil, lending them a resemblance to their deceased namesake, with one pale ear that sets them apart minus an ear, after she sacrificed it upon an altar. There are some pinkish scars to her nape and shoulders by Merrick, old cuts across them by Colt, and a healed bite wound to her chest by Arric.
Trauma brain; experiences very strong emotions or no emotions at all, with shifting whims and a penchant for violence.
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