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Played By: AJ
Basic Info
Full Name: Pessimistic
Subspecies: Wolfdog - 70% Mackenzie Valley Wolf & 20% German Shepherd + 10% Husky
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/They/Her
Age: 1 year (7/16/2019)
Birthplace: N/A
At a Glance
At the slightest glance, the she-wolf may look as a shadow creature. But, taking a better look will make many
Profile of Pessimisticsheart: Details
Pessimistic, a Wolfdog that's black like withered roses. The tip of her tail is yarrow White, their eyes as delicate as the sky. A white blaze from her dark liver nose to in between her eyes.
Pessimistic, like her name, is Pessimistic. She often stays as calm as possible in some situations, but when it comes to something that makes her furious, it comes to a terrible end.
Pessimistic, in other places is a Pillar of Wolvdire Isles, my Discord Bot/Server. She is respected well, but some things get out of hand. In Wolf, she wouldn't be as respected as her rank isn't as high.
Wolf Side[Mother] - Abonnie(Mother) <-- Ona(Grandfather) + Alyx(Grandmother) <-- Eppie(Great Grandmother) + Zoya(Great Grandfather) <-- Eshe(Great Great Grandmother) + Kari(Great Great Grandfather) & Kaija(Aunt) & Ange(Aunt)

Dog Side[Father] - Alyx(Father - Husky) <-- Yasuo(Grandfather - Aussie) + Kimi(Grandmother - Husky) [Greats unknown] & Kaito(Uncle) & Kozan(Uncle)
Pack History
Pessi, currently in a pack called "Calm NightWalkers" in my Discord Server, she roams as Pillar. She used to be second in line.

Pillar -- Pessimistic
Alpha -- Optimiss
Beta -- Oppa
Zeta -- Freedom
Eta -- Spirit
Theta -- Feral
[Other ranks, her name was Huwanna]
Profile of Pessimisticsheart: Additional Information
Registered on September 13, 2021, last visited (Hidden)
Player Notes
Hello! I'm Cis Female, I'm a gamer and I'm starting to write.
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