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Basic Info
Full Name: Maera Sveijarn
Subspecies: 50% Northern Rocky Mountain x 50% Russian Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 20th, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_nipowzNQjW1tomkcno1_500.gif]

A skittish creature of reddish hues that seems to be always on the run. the true maera is hidden behind a pair of hazel eyes.
Profile of Maera: Details

Artwork by lieu

"A hazel gaze glimmers among a pelt set afire.
Creams, blazing scarlets, and various shades of smoky slate act as a gradient upon her coat. Her markings are not distinct and clean-cut, but rather blended among one another. She is a sooty babe, drenched in ash to cool her otherwise dynamic look, and though she most resembles her dear mother, Tuwawi, it is clear her build comes from Njal's genetics. Broad and strong, she is a maiden born for the wild; and life has gifted her an exceptional vessel by which to capture it." - description by lieu

Her coat has always been a restless sea of russets, lined with black-tipped hairs that adorn the sides of her cheeks and her saddle. Now, having left her awkward teenage body behind Maera looks more like her mother than ever before. Her legs, strong and nimble carry her with the same poise and grace, and her eyes hold somehow the same enigmatic glint.

scars: though she is a warrior and an avid fighter she remains unscarred

scent: salt water and sand

[Image: tumblr_nfvu4aegUJ1tmuwkeo5_400.gif]

driven ; independent ; intelligent ; manipulative when she wants to; jealous; demanding; reserved ; snappy when angered; daddy's girl; commitment & trust issues; obsessive; helpless romantic ; gets attached easily

Maera is most often a quiet creature, though she has undeniably loud thoughts.
Experience has taught her to rely on no one other but herself.
Even so, beneath her skittish nature, she craves companionship. Yet, because of the repetitive pattern of abandonment she has suffered throughout her life she has become extremely flighty.

in one word, Maera is volatile.

sexuality: heterosexual; but tends to get along better and have more sympathy with females than males

interest: collecting things (see: hoarding), plants, fighting and hunting

• Naturalist; aspiring botanist
• Mercenary; aspiring warrior
• Gamekeeper; aspiring deerstalker

all trades listed have not been obtaines; she is working towards them

[Image: tumblr_ok3qd0theC1si0kwmo1_400.gif]
early months

Born in the once happy pack of Swiftcurrent Creek to first time parents Njal and Tuwawi.
As the youngest female, Maera shamelessly took advantage of her cuteness to get her way with her parents. She came off as clingy when she was bored, and often sided with her older sister Jökull – with whom she seemed to live under the motto 'girls rule while boys drool'.
Despite the early ideas she had of boys and their ‘slobberish’ nature, she always held a peculiar admiration for her father, who was the only boy she would seem to die for.

Even if she loved both of her parents deeply, as a child she showed certain preference for her father when it came to playing games and seeking approval. Mommy, as adored as she was, was mostly seen as the food and warmth provider that also gave the best kisses and snuggles.

When it came to her relationship with her siblings, particularly her brothers, Maera tended to alternate roles between a friend and foe. Sometimes -especially when her older sister was around- she'd play rough and be a total bitch to the poor boys, but other days she'd act like their loyal side-kick. And though she kept herself at the margins of her siblings’ squabbles, she has shown she's not so passive after all; meaning she won't let any of her siblings trample her without putting up a fight.

Aside from that, Maera enjoyed spending most of her ealry childhood days snoozing, oblivious to the fact of the great adventures she could have had outside of her own dreams. She was also painfully lazy, something that luckily wore off over time.


After arriving at the Glacier, she became notably more active in the sense she didn’t spend the majority of her time alone, snoozing at home. She quickly began to show a great interest in scouting and scavenging, especially after finding a little safe-house, she´d eventually call her Girl’s Club Fortress, not too far from her family’s den.

Since the tragic disappearance of nearly all of the members of her once tight family, Meara’s spirit plummeted into the ground. Losing her siblings one by one only to then lose her father and watch her mother’s mental health crumble took a painful toll on the young Sveijarn. The harsh reality of being alone silenced her loud heart. She became skittish and reserved with even those she once trusted – in the few relations she managed to keep the fear of abandonment was always imminent. During this time she was forced her to find other ways to unleash her suppressed feelings. She became a collector, a hoarder almost, of tiny and useless items like sticks, rocks, feathers and bones, and then developed almost an obsession with becoming a warrior.


Leaving the Glacier was like dying.
It meant leaving absolutely everything she had left behind, even if that ‘everything’ had already left her. After weeks of polishing her fighting skills with Danica, Maera felt as ready as she would ever be. So in the middle of the night she simply got up and left. She wandered many months as a loner outside the Teekon Wilds, never staying too long at one place and although she had one or two travel companions during the years, she never let any of them get too close to her. Still haunted by her fear of being abandoned, it became her who began running out on others.
Sometimes, to avoid being hurt you got to hurt others.

After having left her last companion, she stumbled upon a small group of rogues, the Solstice a very rudimentary pack that didn’t truly stick to any ordinary hierarchy system. With the harsh cold of winter just around the corner and her ribs beginning to show she decided to put her runaway lifestyle on hold. Once the weather changed, so did Maera’s plans.
Again, without saying a word, she did what she was growing to do best: leaving without a trace.

Now, all alone, Maera has returned to the lands that once broke her heart.
The Teekon Wilds.

A few weeks after her arrival, during one of her lonesome travels she crossed paths with a man, a lover of the sea, but soon after coming together they parted and Maera was left to wonder aimlessly again until her desire to see the coast brought her to find the man again. After their reunion she then decided to travel with him to an island where supposedly others had been left stranded after a storm and offer her help.

She sticked around with him, as a feeling unknown to her slowly grew inside her, love.
nuclear family
The thirdborn pup to Njal "Palestrike" Sveijarn and Tuwawi "Proudheart" Sveijarn .

She is the couple's second daughter and middle child, squished after her sister Jökull and her big brother Valtýr. She also has a younger brother; Lárus who was abducted by a lynx short after the Sveijarn's arrival to the Glacier.


love interest: Axolotl Corten
Pack History
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK (june 2014 - august 2014)

DUSKFIRE GLACIER (september 2014 - march 2015)

LONE WOLF (unknown)

SOLSTICE (unknown)

LONE WOLF (currently)

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