Profile of Inutsuk: Quick Facts

Played By: Wither
Basic Info
Full Name: Inutsuk (Formerly as Morte) Navarre
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (5/18/2017)
Birthplace: Neihart, Montana (Outside of Teekon Wilds)
Profile of Inutsuk: Details
A well built, athletic man. Stands at a towering height, with unusually large paws. Each tuft lining his skeletal is either of a tan, gray, brunette, or umber shade, evenly toned and specially marked in certain areas. Born unto a frigid region, the cold does not bother him; added his coat is quite thick, preventing discomfort in chilly weather. The man's eyes are a pale green, but can sometimes appear as sky blue. No deformities appear upon him, though he does carry various scars. Most are hidden -- all except a partially torn ear and an old, pinked mark running from the brow of his left eye to the side of his snout.


'' The rain is my escape. When it falls, so does the wall concealing my identity from the world. It the only time I can truly be me and dance in the rain, nothing but free. ''


  • Adaptable — Through most situations, it isn't too difficult for him to adapt. While it doesn't always mean he takes kindly to the change, sometimes one must bear through what he/she does not favor to move forward in life without stepping face to face with a negative outcome.
  • Reserved — He won't simply turn away from an approaching individual, but he won't often go out of his way to approach another himself.
  • Hostile — Not always is it the case, but there are times he will act hostile towards strangers. The reason for this is unknown. Is it an instinct? A habit? A troublesome past? Maybe he doesn't even know himself.
  • Impartial — Appearances tell a great deal, but they are not always honest. One vow the man had always made since a young age was to never judge another hastily. Only time will tell of an individuals true nature and personality.
  • Forthright — Sometimes it can be painful. Others it can seem rude or gentle hearten. Honesty is a respectable trait, but there are times when it is inappropriate. More is aware of this, of course, but that does not always keep his tongue held within his rostrum. Often disregarding another's sentiments, he will tell the truth if and when he decides that individual needs to hear it. When on the note of opinion towards a certain matter, he is quick to share his thoughts. If directly advised against sharing, sometimes he may oblige... but not always.
  • Reserved — Emotions don't come easy to this one. Putting them on for show is considered undesirable; this is unless the current company is a trusted companion or a lover.


None to speak of.

Pack History
09/20/2021 — 09/27/2021
09/27/2021 — present

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