Profile of Angler: Quick Facts
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Played By: Pawzome
Basic Info
Full Name: Angler Roewater
Subspecies: Canis lupus columbianus
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Male (Transgender)
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 3 (02/4/2018)
Birthplace: Alaska
At a Glance
One notices nothing much about him other than his dull shineless coat.
Profile of Angler: Details
A black wolf with dark brown legs and flanks and darker black patches on his back, muzzle, ears, and under his eye. In general his coat is rather dull and not shiny. He is very fluffy at his neck and chest and more normal elsewhere. His eyes are a pale yellow. He has an average and unassuming appearance compared to most wolves.

[Image: X8Y234z.png]

Angler and Veteran
Angler is a more meager wolf who knows his place in the pack as an assistant to the big players. Though he has his own goals and aspirations, he welcomes others to step ahead, and he will be the right hand man. He has a massive interest in fishing, swimming, and water way health, and has been known to study bears.

Other wolves that have known him describe him as a reliable guide and mild mannered. His enemies however have described him as weak livered puppet mouth piece.

Due to his travels down to and inside of Teekon Wilds, he is partially distrustful of pack wolves and pack dynamics, in the sense that he thinks he will be attacked for being a lone wolf. He would like to join a pack for his safety and comfort, however he sees his small skill set as a hindrance.
Angler's mother was a murderer to her first litters first son and Angler's birth pack, Roewater's, previous alpha, which caused his family to be distrusted, yet he sided with his mother believing her to be well intentioned and reformed. To prove himself Angler committed himself to fishing and the water ways, which caught the new Alpha's eyes, and in a show of gratitude towards his family and belief in Angler, he made him the pack's new Fishing Consultant after his first birthday.

This caused strife in the pack, and as the Alpha started putting more and more young wolves in leadership roles, Angler found his pack didn't listen to him and they had fishing issues. When the alpha spoke of violently kicking out his appointed leaders, Angler's mother joined in on a mob killing of that wolf. This caused Angler to step away from his mother and his family.

The pack fell apart soon after, as they found they could no longer act as peacekeepers at the annual salmon run, and another pack overtook them. Angler decided to go south, and he encountered his mother, who asked him to join her pack, yet Angler declined, yet he silently forgave his mother for her past actions.

Now Angler wants to start anew in Teekon, he wants to find a mate or pups to adopt and teach them about the old Roewater culture he knew as a child.

----Backstory Characters----
Mother - Strained, knowing she is a wolf of drastic and heavy action, yet he had forgiven her for the strife shes caused, though she will never know as he never wants her to feel justified.

Father - His father was supportive. He originally thought of presenting as male to hide from his mothers likeliness by coping his fathers image, and than discovered he was just a male. He misses his father dearly.

Old Fisher Wolf - Learned much from him, respects him as a mentor, wishes he could have stayed to learn more from him.

Childhood Alpha - Originally looked up to him but grew distant as the political drama grew.

Pack History
Roewater Pack - 02/4/2018 to 3/15/2020
Lone Wolf - 3/15/2020 - 10/31/2021

Lone Wolf - 10/31/2021 - Present
Profile of Angler: Additional Information
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FEEL FREE TO MISGENDER ANGLER. At a distance he has some more masculine behaviors, at least from his pack's culture, but up close it can be discerned that threes a disparity, if one cares enough to look.

Angler is bisexual and would either like to have pups through conception or adopt them. If you have puppies that need adoption, especially if you're character has a preexisting tie to Angler, I would love to do an adoption plot line with him, its a big want for his character!

Another arc of his is that Angler would like to be invested in the formation of a new pack, so if you need members if your pack is going to be near or on a waterway, Angler is a good choice.
Angler's Signature

[Image: fs.png]
FEEL FREE TO MISGENDER ANGLER. At a distance he has some more masculine behaviors, at least from his pack's culture, but up close it can be discerned that threes a disparity, if one cares enough to look.

Player Notes
Im also a trans dude :3. I am 100% new to this site and forum sites in general, be patient with me >w<.
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