Profile of Violante: Quick Facts
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Mate to Vagabond
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Violante Cruor
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 4 years (June 16th 2018)
Birthplace: Canada
At a Glance
A small, melanistic female, standing 26 inches at the withers. She is lean and lanky. Missing a piece of her right upper ear.
Profile of Violante: Details
Violante is a small, lean and lanky wolf, standing 26 inches at the withers. She is fully melanistic, from her eyes right down to her paw pads and claws. Her coat is raven-black, sometimes appearing to give off a dark blue sheen in the right lighting.

Violante is missing a piece of her right upper ear - it was torn off by her half-sister, Vex Cruor, when she pledged loyalty to the Cruor family and bloodline.
Chaotic Neutral

Violante tries to be better than her upbringing, though she doesn't always succeed. She is a private person, and not all that willing to speak of her past, though she makes up for it by being intensely optimistic of her future.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits


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Year One


Parents: Cassiopeia & Jaganatha Cruor
Half-siblings: Vex, Vorilye

Children: Violante II, Aspara, Vale (via Avery)

Pack History
Loner - Winter 2021 to Winter 2022
Sacrarium - Winter 2022 to Current
Pledged > Vicera*
Profile of Violante: Additional Information
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