Profile of Lorelai: Quick Facts
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Mate to Luka
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Lorelai Cruor
Subspecies: 100% Timber Wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 3 years (March 3rd 2019)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At a Glance
Lorelai is small and lanky, with deep cerulean eyes. She is a cream and black timber wolf. She is missing a piece of her right upper ear. Lorelai is often visibly agitated and nervous.
Profile of Lorelai: Details
Lorelai is a small, lanky wolf, standing 25 inches at the shoulders and weighing roughly 90 pounds. She is a timber wolf, made up predominantly of creams, blacks, and browns, with a touch of russet on her face and ears. Her eyes are cerulean in color.
Chaotic Good

Lorelai is inherently good, but her very poor mental health creates chaos and instability in most, if not all, aspects of her life. Despite all of this, she is a loving partner, mother, and friend, and does the best she can with the cards she was dealt. At the present moment, she struggles to deal with the disappearance of her mate, Luka, and daughter, Lennox. Her other daughter left her natal pack on bad terms, and Lorelai is struggling with that loss, as well.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits

Lacks self-worth
Severely mentally ill

Parents: Lyra, Strep
Siblings: Luka
Children: Lenora, Lynette, Lennox (via Vorilye 2022)
Pack History
Lone Wolf — Winter 2021 to Winter 2022
Sacrarium — Winter 2022 to Current
Pledged > Mystic▲
Profile of Lorelai: Additional Information
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Lorelai's Signature
Physical Health (100/100)

Lorelai is healthy.

Mental Health (60/100)

Lorelai is current dealing with the loss of her family.

Lorelai hears and sees things others cannot. She is beginning to believe that she can commune with the dead.
"Regular speech." | "Voice of the dead." | Visions of the dead.
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