Profile of Pelagius: Quick Facts
Appearance art by me, manip base by Rita P on dawnthieves
Played By: box
Basic Info
Full Name: Pelagius the God-King
Formerly: Isangrim
Subspecies: mixed wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Male
Gender: cis man
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 1 (March 1st, 2022)
Birthplace: Blackwater, Blackwater Islands, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
Profile of Pelagius: Details

pale, small, with a trim waist. Scarring present on lower shoulders from repeated pokes via the antlers of the deer skull, (mostly) hidden from view.

white coat, mantled by orange, split by black in “pants” and a three toned tail. ginger collar, split with a black strip just under his throat. eyes as deep as the ocean, near blending into his black mask.


A smooth talker, a silver tongue, capable of swaying you to his cause without effort. A master manipulator, knowing which buttons to press when to get what he wants. Has come to believe himself divinely ordained.

Listens to a cacophony of beetle wings.

A genuinely terrible person. Gaslighter, fond of twisting the mind and making a mockery of those he meets. Enjoys creating interpersonal conflict, especially among those he deems lesser. Pelagius walks through life believing himself untouchable, and that should he lose this flesh body, it would be for the best. A macabre boy has become a twisted adult, focused on torment and how to break a person, and built them back up in his own image.

Born in Blackwater, went right off the rails
The Listener, the God Mother*

The Whispmother, the Phylactery
Taliesin, the falsehood

* was fathered by Taliesin and mothered by the Whispmother, but has been raised to believe the Listener is his true mother

Grandson of Potema Melonii and through her, is distantly related to most of the Melonii clan. Through Charon Ostrega, is related to the vast majority of the Ostregas. Through his unknown father, he is the grandson of Komodo and Reigi
Pack History


LIFAmevil, commissioned by Suledin
Profile of Pelagius: Additional Information
Registered on December 27, 2021, last visited October 26, 2023, 02:35 PM
-Speaks melodiously and fluidly
-Tendency to exaggerate certain expressions, likely an attempt to appear relatable or safe
-Close observer of others
-A social snake who tears down those around them and rebuilds them into something resembling what he wants
-Never seen without a pleasant smile, even when covered in blood
-Forever wearing a friendly mask, unable to be seen through even if you’re trying hard. Has mastered the ability to be seemingly pleasant when he’s decidedly not
-Rather obsessed with bones and viscera
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