Profile of Sovereign: Quick Facts
Swiftcurrent Creek Iota
Played By: Liv
Basic Info
Full Name: Sovereign Brunhilde
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf x Mexican Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1 (March 1st, 2022)
Birthplace: Hildibrandr (Hideaway Strath, Tuktu Hinterlands)
At a Glance
[Image: db9eef617463c52bf4efe6c0df6afc1d8eb1dbae.gifv]

Profile of Sovereign: Details
An exact replica of her mother, Fury.
Height: 36" at the withers
Weight: 200 lbs

[Image: Untitled180_20221016010900.png]
- art by myself
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality Type: INTJ-A - The Architect

Positive Traits: Loyal, Dedicated, Protective, Disciplined
Neutral Traits: Ambitious, Dominant, Steadfast
Negative Traits: Territorial

Sovereign takes after her mother in plenty of ways, mostly through the qualities instilled in soldiers - the girl is steadfast and loyal beyond measure to those she deems worthy of her efforts.
She is resolute and dedicated, purposeful and ambitious - She aims to be the best wolf she can possibly be, for herself and others.
Sovereign also has an extremely loving heart, rarely shown due to trauma and strife - she is protective and devoted to those she cares about.
The girl is also mildly spiritual, knowing of her Clan's Gods and some prayers, practices and such involving them, though she is not as religious as some others.
[Image: vi-arcane.gif]
---By Blood---
Mother: Fury
Sire: Alarian*

Grandfather: Fenrir
Grandmother: Freya*

Aunt: Eldritch*

Siblings: Lotus Nightwish*, Panacea, Elias, Credence

* denotes unknown relations

---By Heart---
Crush: Ensio
Pack History
3/1/22 - Hildibrandr
♔ Fullvalda
^ Hilmir

1/16/23 - Loner

2/5/23 - Greatwater Lake
^ Pledge

3/?/23 - Loner

3/19/23 - Tikal
^ Winak
^ Pledge

6/23/23 - Loner

9/02/2023 - Swiftcurrent Creek
^ Iota
Profile of Sovereign: Additional Information
Registered on December 30, 2021, last visited 6 minutes ago
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Languages: Common, Icelandic/Old Norse, Norwegian, Valryian, Yucatec Mayan
Face Claim: Vi, "Arcane"
Voice: Vi, "Arcane"
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The Only Thing They Fear Is You
Player Notes
All art for my Toons is my own, unless otherwise credited! <333
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