Profile of Azarov: Quick Facts
Pledged Sacrarium
Played By: Karma
Basic Info
Full Name: Cephilis Azarov Faustus
Often Known As: Azarov
Subspecies: Specifics Unknown
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (09/18/2017)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
`` Where the wind and rain blow, I will follow. ``
Profile of Azarov: Details
Dark, like the night... formed only by coal tinge. Thick fur protects through the winter, some shedding later when it grows warmer. Grand dimensions are proportioned perfectly, built to loom and seize. Discolored are the teeth, stained crimson by the root of his sin: death. The eyes are pale gray, appearing silver when the sun falls and the moon takes its place.

A destiny unknown.
The shadowed soul is concealed in the depths where it belongs.
Salvation and repentance have no purpose, for sin lives as success.
The ultimate hunter... but not of sustenance to fill his belly.
Cruelty is imminent, mercy unlikely.
Though the blood is warm, the heart is ice cold to the touch.
Tales are bound tightly for a reason...
Cut the strings loose and many gruesome truths will be revealed.


From him comes the old tale of a wolf gone from boy to soldier, without the allowance from a transition from boy to man.

The pack of his origin fell prisoner to a great illness. Many succumbed quickly, while few fought to overcome the possible fate of death. Azarov was one of the few to escape. Abandoning all he knew, the boy later found a new home — not one he was expecting to find in the once peace filled world.

A man took him in; a man by the name of Cephilis. He resembled death and everything it stood for. Cephilis forced the boy to grow in maturity and talent faster than any youth before. With no way out of this new life, Azarov was soon molded into nothing more than a weapon.

Years passed before his mentor joined the path of the deceased. Now, he was free to live as he pleased.

He is now scarred and heavy-pawed — ponderous with a lack of grace beneath a weighted bulk. As taught, he is swift to violence, never shying from battle. Quiet and calculating is he, unless directly addressed. Orders will be taken and fulfilled without question. This is the way he knows. The only way, as he will forever be the soldier Cephilis created.

Prior to Cephilis' death, he was renamed after his mentor, but has since then never used it, finding the use of his birth name to be more fitting.


· Cronos Faustus · Father, of origin and birth.
· Ryuna Faustus · Mother, of origin and birth.
· Corvus Faustus · Brother, at birth.
· Astaroth Faustus · Sister, at birth.

May the spirits guide their wandering souls as they walk alongside the deceased.

· Cephilis Vernin · A man who once acted as a mentor and father figure. May the spirits guide his lost, darkened soul.

Pack History

Varden's Keep

During the time of childhood until maturity. Dismissed from here 01.03.2022.


During the time of 01.03.22 — 01.14.22


Sworn as a pledge ↣ 01.14.22

Profile of Azarov: Additional Information
Registered on January 03, 2022, last visited 6 hours ago
While the common tongue is understood, it cannot yet fully be spoken. Over time, as more words and phrases are heard, Azarov may begin to fade from his original tongue.
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