Profile of Sir: Quick Facts
Profile art base by Socepath/Outwander
Played By: Lizz
Basic Info
Full Name: Sir
Subspecies: 100% Grey Wolf
Size: Large, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 3 years (March 30th, 2018)
Birthplace: Wyoming, USA
At a Glance
"The name's Sir. Mercenary for hire. Will fight and guard for food. Or anything, really."

A rangy mess of a warrior. Cream fur. Grey eyes. Occasionally confused for a man. Speaks quickly and hoarsely.
Profile of Sir: Details
the ragged warrior

OVERVIEW. Sir claims to be a soldier, but looks more rangy than anything. Cream-agouti fur sticks out in all directions over a skinny, lanky frame. Long legs step with the method of a seasoned infantryman. She holds her tail (short, with ever shorter hair) level to her body when she walks; it rarely ever wags. If you were to shave her down, you'd find her skin's riddled with dozens of scars— most prominently a sharp break at her left elbow, where skin once split down to bone. It's a miracle she only walks with a slight limp.

FACE. Her face looks masculine in form, from those high cheekbones to the sharp angle of her jaw. Stony gray eyes look out above dark eyebags. A long scar crosses from her right cheek to the inside corner of her left eye.

VOICE. Sir speaks quickly and hoarsely with a certain fatigue laced through her words. Towards underlings it takes on a sneering tone— but to those above her, it suddenly becomes flat and unemotional.

SCENT. Faint smell of ashes, and stone. Does not have any pack scent for the moment.
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the fierce-tongued fighter

OBEDIENT. She was born a military woman, and will likely die one too. Being obedient runs in her blood. If given the word, she wouldn't hesitate to attack- or kill. Now a loner, packless, she wanders the land for a captain to command her.

BLACK-AND-WHITE. Sir sees the world as being split into two categories: those who command, and those who obey. She herself falls into the latter. Whatever the leader does, she does, and she would follow them to the very end. That is the definition of "good" for her. She lives in a world where the only evil is disobedience.

DISDAINFUL. While she would do anything for her general, her fellow comrades? She couldn't care less about them. Anger and contempt rule her social interactions— while she's never overtly hostile, cold stares and muttered words are the norm when interacting with her.

REPRESSED. Borne into the belief that "good soldiers don't cry," Sir has successfully pushed back most of her emotions and negative memories to the very recesses of her brain. Well, except for the aforementioned anger. She avoids talking about deep subjects or her past, and reacts rudely when pressured.

Miscellaneous facts: Lesbian, will only enter a relationship with a man for the sake of pups. Currently holds no religious views.
"Sir, yes, sir!"

PRE-RPG HISTORY. Sir was born to a militant pack far from the borders of the Teekon Wilds. The runt in a litter of giants. Her peculiar name is a holdover from her time there, where all the wolves addressed each other as "sir" and "missus." She simply got her terms mixed up as a pup and stuck with it.

It was also there, in this pack of cadets and colonels, that she learnt most of her iconic behaviors. The strict obedience. The emotional repression. The scathing attitude she holds towards others. These were all normal things over there, you see, and she simply never learnt any better.

Around the time of her second birthday her pack was invaded by another. She's pushed away most memories of it, but it left its mark on her in the form of those jagged scars on her leg and face. Regardless of what happened, she's packless now, and she needs a place to stay. For a soldier without an army will never fare well...

POST-RPG HISTORY. To be seen...
Profile of Sir: Additional Information
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Player Notes
Hello! I'm Lizz! Please refer to me with she/her pronouns.
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