Profile of Lennox Cruor: Quick Facts
Lennox Cruor
Played By: Butter
Basic Info
Full Name: Lennox Cruor
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: >.2 (March 11, 2022)
Birthplace: Ravensblood Forest
At a Glance
Striking eyes, bulky frame (for now), intense expressions that often betray her innermost turmoil.

**Subject to change/development as she ages**
Profile of Lennox Cruor: Details
Upon first glance at her awkward puppy form, Lennox may appear scarcely feminine. She is almost on the rotund side, with paws ill-befitting a genteel female... But there is something in the sharp slant of her features from birth that suggest she will grow into all of her features into a finely muscled specimen. She already shows promise of growing larger even than her mother, and resembles her in a more diluted form. Where her mothers fur is starkly mixed with creams and shades of black, Lennox's is paler by comparison. The base of her plush coat is a pallid color, almost like that of fresh cream, and the barest hints of oaken and eggshell mar her back in the barest hint of a saddle. Her eyes, as they settle, will also be a watered down picture of her mother's - as crystal blue as a cloudless sky.
A quiet and almost troubled child from the start, Lennox feels most at home within her own head. As she learns the art of conversation, she will display a certain care with her words even from the start - she appears as a wall flower to most, but really she prefers to consider her words very carefully. She will be a lass who values her solitude, and the quiet that best affords one to mull over issues and turmoils at one's own pace.

**Subject to change/development as she ages**
"My story is yet to be written..."
Mother - Lorelai Cruor (via Vorilye Cruor)
Littermates - Lenora (F), Lynette (F)
Profile of Lennox Cruor: Additional Information
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