Profile of Ygdris: Quick Facts
Played By: Butter
Basic Info
Full Name: Ygdris Erling
Subspecies: 25% Australian Shepherd x 25% Karelian Bear Dog x 50% Interior Alaskan Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 (April 1, 2020)
Birthplace: Montana, Outside Teekon
At a Glance
Piebald markings, slightly wavy cheek fur and unders from Australian shepherd heritage, sleek but powerful build from Karelian Bear Dog heritage, trademark scowl. Sectoral heterochromia. (24" tall at the shoulders, ~105 lbs)
Profile of Ygdris: Details
Ygdris boasts a truly unique appearance from her mixed bag heritage. A piebald, like her father, her fur is primarily white with freckled swatchs of black, gunmetal, and blue-grey across the bridge of her snout, her shoulders, and right above her tail. Her eyes are mostly bright blue with a mottling of honey-brown in the top half of each one. She typically wears an uninviting scowl.
Abrasive at first, Ygdris is what many would describe as an acquired taste... For being so young, her early experiences left her jaded and lacking trust in most others. Her father had escaped a life as a companion dog and found her mother in heat... And abandoned her as soon as the pups were weaned. The abandonment broke her mother, and Ygdris learned early in that nobody was going to look out for her aside from herself. She is a bitterly independent youngster, often to the point of sheer stupidity in regards to her own well being. (To be fleshed out as she develops ICly)
Born in Montana to a wandering Lone female desperate for love, and a mixed breed domestic father who just wanted to have a little fun on his own. Ygdris was born first out of five pups, and the only female, and from the beginning she was the most independent of all of her siblings. Two of her brothers died in their first winter, and after the spring thaw their mother saw fit to try and guide the rest of her children north and closer to her natal home in Northern Canada. After many months of traveling and watching her mother's mental state deteriorate, Ygdris grew tired of her life with her family and set out on her own. Her travels have led her to Teekon, where she hopes to forge her own path.
Profile of Ygdris: Additional Information
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