Profile of Reyson: Quick Facts
Mereo Scutarius
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Reyson Ebonywood
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Him/he
Age: 4 (04/23/2018)
Birthplace: Forest
At a Glance
Reyson is a creature of large proportions, strong and hardy, it is clear he is used to hard work. Ice blue eyes in intelligent face. Scars crisscrossing his shoulders.
Profile of Reyson: Details
Reyson is painted in colors of tawny red. The seams of his joints, where they join, are dusted with golden pinpricks of fur. Ice-blue eyes stare out of a long muzzled face, boring, intense. Large paws that stretch to accommodate the bulk of such a large male. Scars crisscross the broad shoulders of a warrior born. He bears a broken canine and notches in his ears.
Reyson is a no-nonsense wolf, very straight forward, a bit callous. He doesn't understand quite that much about love or kindness. Not that he isn't kind, he's just a little more brusque. He is very strategic, very logical. He keeps a set routine, and prefers not to deviate. He will perform a duty, and not think to question it. Very disciplined.

Born to angels, taunted by demons his voice carries whispered promises of death and darkness. Whilst his mind rages inside. Gently does it little warrior, gently turn the claw. Teeth that nip and eyes that drip, pain only lasts so long.

Develop more so in character
Reyson was born to non-combatant wolves. They were peace loving and kind and did what they could for others. His mother Sanvi was a healer, and his father Inias, was a counselor and astronomer of sorts. However, they were also alone and weak, and Reyson had been born and took after his father's people, who were large and hardy and strong.

When he was barely out of his mother's arms, he was seen by a nearby militant pack, and they came asking his mother to trade him to them. She refused and a battle ensued. His parents fought hard for him, but they ultimately lost. And their lives were forfeit. The commander killed them at least quickly, and commended to Reyson that they had fought well, but he belonged to them now. He was then inducted into the ranks and was taught painful lessons of kill or be killed and he became exactly what they had wanted. A perfect soldier.

He rose into the ranks and soon became a commander and had his own group of wolves beneath him. That he served with for years. He had his own healer/soldier who was also his lover Renaud. Renaud was kissed in sunshine colors. He had a spy named Rook, who was black with blue eyes. Charming and kind. Rook's mate Amity. Amity was a pale golden wolf with brown eyes. She was an avid defense fighter. There were a few others under him. He couldn't save them.

When the younglings came of age they were sorted and trained. But every soldier had to do a rotation of days on the border, one fight/defend at the border, before inducted into the fighting ranks. Reyson had handpicked both Rook/Amity. Renaud had been assigned to him.
Mother (deceased)-Sanvi
Father (deceased)-Inias

Renaud (deceased)- Healer/Soldier, lover
Rook (deceased)- Spy, mate to Amity
Amity (deceased)-Defensive fighter, mate to rook, daughter of Reyson.
Pack History
Loner: May 26, 2022-May 28, 2022
Mereo: Auxillary: May 28, 2022-June 30th, 2022
Principales: June 30th, 2022 -July 19th, 2022
Scrutarius: July 19th, 2033-
Profile of Reyson: Additional Information
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Reyson's Signature
I will be building Reyson's personality largely in character. So his general personality and mannerisms may change as I learn more about him. I am fine with some plots with him as long as all parties are comfortable and know what is to be expected. 
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