Profile of Atreus: Quick Facts
Photography: Unknown; Editing: Talamasca
Played By: Kat
Basic Info
Full Name: Atreus Psithurism Willow (née Atreus Bearclaw)
Aliases: Bear, Icarus, Scout
Subspecies: Wolf & coyote, various subspecies
Size: Medium, Pudgy
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 1+ (June 14, 2022)
Birthplace: Redtail Rise, Teekon Wilds
Profile of Atreus: Details
His base coat is a rich dark roast contrasted by creamy café au lait cheeks, chest, forepaws and underside. Jet black smears across his muzzle; coats his ears; and drapes his spine and tail, excluding its buff tip. His eyes are two-toned: silver and gold. He lost a lot of weight after dispersing as a youth but developed a trim, lightly muscled build whilst training in Mereo. After relocating to Brecheliant, he softened and put on weight.
Artwork: Chickenbones (Lineart) & Chelsie (Color)

Parents: Aventus & Arielle
Siblings1: Amalia & Ancelin

Mate: n/a
Offspring: n/a

Paternal Grandparents: Merrick & Astara
Maternal Grandparents3: Akavir & Ibis
1. This list includes anyone he considers a sibling, regardless of biological relation. 2. He has too many other relatives to list. 3. Unbeknownst to anyone, his biological grandfather is actually Astaroth.
Pack History

Redtail Rise: 06/2022 — 10/2022
Mereo: 11/2022 — 02/2023
Akashingo: 02/2023 — 04/2023
Brecheliant: 04/2023 — 06/2023

Profile of Atreus: Additional Information
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