Profile of Sandulf: Quick Facts
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Sandulf Ardeth
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (March 10, 2019)
Birthplace: EmberShadow Grove
At a Glance
Large. Athletic. Marred.
Profile of Sandulf: Details
Brown to black fur with russet red footpaws, ear tips and guard hairs. Yellow eyes. An athletic build streamlines with grace. To build the adept hunter that he is. Long limber limbs, with bushy tail and bright introspective eyes. A scar traces down along his muzzle and into his neck fur, from a bite from his brother-in-law.
Quiet. Polite. Kind.

Sandulf was born to Liecia and Balkin on March 10, 2019 beside sister Thessalina. Grew up privelaged and a bit spoiled as his two older sisters were still around to coddle.

When he turned 1.5 his father much like his eldest brothers. Chased him from his familial pack of EmberShadow Grove with teeth and claws. Thessalina followed him. In their travels they met another wolf. Rommik who was not as kind as the family they hailed from, but Thess, had fallen in love with him regardless. They started a pack together Red Grove Thicket. Thess and Rom as the leaders, Sandulf as Beta. Though when Rom took night of passion to far and hurt his sister. Sandulf fought for her honor, but he ultimately lost. He bore a scar from his muzzle down into his neck, proof that he couldn't keep Thess safe.

Sandulf however stayed despite their differences, because Thessalina asked him too. He was there for the birth of his three nephews and niece. Then he was chased from the pack lands a second time, by Rommik.

He has traveled since then arriving to the Teekon woods. Having seen his little brother and knowing he has other siblings here. He has arrived to weather the storm and be near familial again.
Father: Balkin
Mother: Liecia
1st litter: Vukasin (M), Devdan (M), Rodman (M)
2nd litter: Lycia (F), Wynne (F)
3rd litter: Thessalina (F), Sandulf
4th litter: Rodyn, Virien, Bula (F)
5th litter: Merle (M), Severa (F), Aldith (F)
Last litter: Kenia (F)

Neices/nephews via Thessalina/Rommik:
Alder (M)
Gattas (M)
Delco (M)
Aura (F)
Pack History
EmberShadow Grove:
Pup 03/10/19 to 09/10/19
Gamma 09/10/19 to 09/10/20

09/10/20 to 11/10/20

Red Grove Thicket:
Beta 11/10/20 to 03/10/22

03/10/22 to 8/15/22

Zeta 8/15/22 to 10/4/22

Pledged 10/4/22-01/09/2023
Fang 01/09/2023
Profile of Sandulf: Additional Information
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