Profile of Bonecrusher: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Bonecrusher
Subspecies: (Grey) Wolf (Canis lupus)
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Male
Age: 2 (April 5, 2020)
Birthplace: Somewhere North of Here
At a Glance
Large, but not the largest he can possibly be, Crusher is stocky and well rounded. This fur is a mix of grey, tan, and darker brown colors. Amber eyes, lighter around their centers, are framed by creamy white markings. ( see ref: [by earthmidnight on deviantart] and manip: [created by myself, stock from] )
Profile of Bonecrusher: Details
A stocky man, with strong legs, and a very expressive face. Copper-tan coloration on his head, the underside of his neck, and on his legs fading up into grey as it meets his body. The back of his neck, his sides, his shoulders, and sweeps back over his haunches is a stony grey coloration. White markings typical to those of many wolves adorn his body. Primarily around his eyes in spectacles, in pips where his eyebrows are, and adorning his underside. The white markings along his cheek have a little V shape in them, filled by the copper of his cheeks. Darker brown markings are at the highest point of the back of his neck, trailing all the way down his spine to the end of his tail. A cape of the same dark brown is seen just behind his shoulders. It sweeps forward to his chest, fading out as it wraps across his shoulder in the front. Likewise, it sweeps down the back of his shoulderblade before his ribs until it fades out on his elbow. From the cape is a streak of brown which divides the grey of his torso with the soft creamy underbelly, as well as bleeding into his haunches and coating the backside of his haunches with the same coloration. His paws are dipped in this darker brown, which fades just past his wrists and ankles. His face is perhaps the most striking part of him with these darker colors. The bridge of his nose is also dark and the color fades to a thinner stripe until it connects to the dark color along the top of his neck. While the outermost of his cheeks are grey, and then copper, there is a splash of dark brown along his temples which accents under the eye as well. Similarly, a dark freckle (from the vibrissae in that location) adorns each jaw, just below the white there.
Selfish, Crass, Dominant, Fun-loving, Playful, Jaunty, Obsessive
There's nothing super special about Bonecrusher. He was born into a pack that used simplistic names based on how a wolf lived their life. Born Copperkiss, he was later named Bonecrusher due to his affinity for chewing on bones. If he finds one, he won't let it escape him until it's been used up. He will become irritated or even depressed because it's gone. He's unsure about where he's going in life, only that he's ready to tackle life away from his parents and siblings.
Cloverhowl - mother
Boulderbark - father
Sprucefur - sister
Stonegrind - brother
Lightfeather - sister
Riverhowl - sister
Pack History
Natal Pack (has left)
Profile of Bonecrusher: Additional Information
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