Profile of Paeon: Quick Facts
Paleo Herbalist
Played By: Raven
Marked Away: Slow Replies - Mental Health
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Basic Info
Full Name: Paeonia
Subspecies: Canis Lupus
Size: Small, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 2 (02.21.2021)
Birthplace: North America
At a Glance
Current Theme Song A Hero Comes Home

Profile of Paeon: Details
Paeon is smaller than average in size but more than makes up for it with her mildly muscular build. Constantly on the move and putting herself through any mental and physical challenge that comes her way her body is a canvas eager for some adventure marks. Those viewing her may question how all that energy can be contained in her small body. Although muscular Paeon has a feminine frame and she wouldn't be easily mistaken for a man with many likely placing her in a tomboy category. She has a bold speckling of black and reddish brown falling over her back, sides, and tail. A darker mask covers her face and muzzle, while her chest, jaw, belly, and legs fade to white.
[Image: Kolm%C3%A5rden_Wolf.jpg?20200508002751]
A small bundle of energy eager to prove her mental and physical strength.

[Image: maki-fire-force-fire-force.gif]
Inspired originally by the Greek god Paeon, but along the way also took inspiration from Paean poems and Paeonia flowers. Paeon was raised in a pack of legends and has set off into Teekon on a traditional family journey to become one of the greats and be worthy of returning home... or find a new home where she is truly respected and needed.
Out of Teekon Relations
Pack History
Lone Wolf (08.23.2023 - 11.30.2022)
Mereo (11.30.2022 - 02.22.2023)
Profile of Paeon: Additional Information
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