Profile of Bayek: Quick Facts
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Akashingo Yaret
Played By: Teo
Basic Info
Full Name: Bayek of Siwa
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Age: 4 (September 8, 2018)
Birthplace: Siwa
At a Glance
Dark earthy brown with hints of white at his shoulders and back, piercing amethyst eyes, a lean assassin’s build.
Profile of Bayek: Details
Bayek is cloaked in a warm chestnut brown coat with soft white ticking at his shoulders and back. He is strong, though medium in size. The Medjay has a powerful athletic physique that compliments the serious expression of his face well. He wears numerous scars upon his body, the most prominent being a cut in his lip that always reveals his left canine. Bayek’s eyes are rich and colored purple, like amethyst.
Focused, pious, serious, dangerous.

The Medjay is a complex individual. Once, a jovial and friendly face to his people, after the death of his son, Bayek became focused on the elimination of those who were at fault. His mission is one of revenge and he has vowed that he will not rest until he has eliminated everyone who played a role in his son’s death. Though bound by revenge, Bayek is still a pious man who is deeply devoted to the Egyptian pantheon – namely Amun – though he is not close-minded to the beliefs of others and wishes for Egyptians and non-Egyptians to find a place of common ground. Bayek is guided by his own morality and has no sympathies for those who prey on weaknesses of others, especially children.
Has known only the familiar warmth of the sands of Siwa since his youth. Bayek inherited the mantle of Medjay from his father and spent his days protecting the security and welfare of his people. After the death of his son, Bayek took up a nomadic lifestyle in search of his enemies. He travels to Akashingo after hearing word of Pharaoh Ramesses' growth. The Medjay hopes to find answers to the wolves that he hunts.
Born to a Medjay named Sabu and his wife in the land of Siwa (a place in the warm desert sands - not actual Egypt), Bayek has a strong dedication to his home and spent most of his life in that land. When he was of age, he married a woman named Aya and had a son they named Khemu. Khemu was killed and both Bayek and Aya have dedicated their lives to enacting revenge on those responsible.
Profile of Bayek: Additional Information
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Desired Trades:
Counselor: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Spiritualist: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Player Notes
Well hello! I've been RPing for years on a lot of sites. Used to prowl the proboards back in the good days gone. I played on Ruins of Wildwood and Souls for a short time years ago. Thought I'd try to write again! Thanks for having me.

I am always available to 'spree' if so desired. ^^
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