Profile of Lonesome Dove: Quick Facts
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Lonesome Dove
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Played By: box
Basic Info
Full Name: Lonesome Dove
Otherwise Known As: Sawbones, the rattlesnake
Subspecies: Coywolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis Woman
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 1 (April 1st, 2021)
Birthplace: The Red Desert
At a Glance

visibly off, sometimes. becoming good at hiding.
Profile of Lonesome Dove: Details

an odd, slinking figure in mockery of a wolf, made in dusty greys and gingers. her eyes stare out hollow from her thin skinned skull, ultraviolet. half of a tail and a gruesomely scarred face. permanently wall-eyed and out of it in appearance.

thin boned think skinned weird waif of a creature

odd odd odd odd. follows the whims and vices and virtues and wants of the small gods of the small caves of the small lives of the small unimportances. no longer vies for control because she no longer has any control.

Born to Arroyo, stolen and presented to Bourbon by the flower eater. Grew up a massive pain, trying to boss and bully her siblings into line. It didn’t work.

Came here to track down her siblings and kick their sorry tails for leaving her behind (she left herself, she thought they’d come back immediately)
“flower eater”, Bourbon: Dads
Arroyo: Mom

Siblings: Meridian, Dusty Rose, Slow West, Scarlett, Wildflower ( eaten), Absaroka, Anza Borrego, Old Hickory

Children: Earp, stillborn, ??? by Chakliux (2023)
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Profile of Lonesome Dove: Additional Information
Registered on October 07, 2022, last visited 8 hours ago
-weirdgirl core, scientistgirl core, haunted by existential horrors beyond your imagining core, cthulhu-core

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