Profile of Iseul: Quick Facts
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Played By: H2O
Basic Info
Full Name: Iseul Yoon (윤이슬)
Meaning: Dewdrop
Pronunciation: EEE-SUHL
Subspecies: Eurasian wolf
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age: 1.5 (April 2021)
Birthplace: East Asia
At a Glance
a large lady colored like the trees from her homeland.
Profile of Iseul: Details


deadened leaves and bark during the march from fall to winter, Iseul represents change. Her coat is threaded with muted brown and cream. a warmer shade of chocolate tinged with orange coats onto her snout and the backs of her ears, as well as her legs. black heavily string itself within her back and shoulders as white contrasts with speckles on her face and withers. it's as if she is covered in her own little dew drops from the morning. jadeite eyes that look into the soul. a voice spun of silk. and a body worthy of protecting an empress.

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Sensible · Quiet · Responsible · Altruistuc · Generous · Protective

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Iseul is originally from the mountainous region of Korea. She lived with her family at the time in a rather secluded area where it was only the wilds and nothing else. However, she and her siblings became a sight of interest from foreign travelers visiting the country. Thankfully, they were not poachers, but instead animal collectors in search of something new for their private zoo. And so, Iseul and her sister were caught away from their parents and tranquilized as yearlings.

The futile attempt to smuggle the sisters into another country across the world proved to not be successful. Once landing in North America, the duo was discovered and the plan was to send them back to Korea. However, the paperwork was swapped with another illegally smuggled animal from the regions of North America. From there, the sisters were assumed to just be mislabeled grey wolves and were released into a region not too far from teekon.

However, Iseul became separated from her sister after an encounter with a bear and has been searching for her ever since. Iseul is still learning how to live on her own, but so far she has done her best to survive. She can only hope her sister is the same way.

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Pack History
Yoon Clan
Two Rivers Isles
Profile of Iseul: Additional Information
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Iseul is still learning English and is doing her best to get by. While she has most words down, her sentences may come off as stilted and slower than a native speaker. She will often need to pause (and even use an audible 'ah' or 'uh' noise) to think of the right word. Your character is more than welcome to either notice this or ignore it!

She is much quicker in Korean, and in times of great stress/frustration (such as being scared or mad about something), she will usually rapid fire out some unsavory words in her home tongue.

LASTLY: Iseul is a lowkey-plot character, she is not going to find herself in a lot of trouble and would prefer to just keep her head down and live in peace. If you would like more upbeat threads, please tag one of my other wolves who love conflict!

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