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Basic Info
Full Name: zharille bint-satharra
Pronunciation: za-reel bint-sa-tharr-a
Subspecies: wolf
Size: Gigantic, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 years (february 1st, 2021)
Birthplace: kyneswood
Profile of Zharille: Details

large and in charge. has the conformation of a stalking tiger. sable tri-color coat. (36” at the withers, 200lbs)
only surviving daughter of satharra out of ashiq.
birth mother of racharra, miho, liezal, and drusk out of khaba, tarantula & dhisok. (april 4th 2023)
Pack History
kyneswood ⇀ dispersal ⇀ greatwater (claim)
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Registered on February 02, 2023, last visited Yesterday, 08:23 PM
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