Profile of Bonario: Quick Facts
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Kvarsheim Systkini
Played By: Neoma
Basic Info
Full Name: Bonario "Bonnie" Loðbrók
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 2 (2021)
Birthplace: South East of the Teekon region
Profile of Bonario: Details
A distinctly dusty appearance. Bonnie has a scrappy look to him, often dirty. Underneath all that dried mud, he has a clear lean build in the works while he tries to work on muscle. He has a mixed work of dark grays in his coat, and a fiery brown eyed scowl always present. Not the largest of figures, Bonnie may be just a bit below average in height.
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Bonario Loðbrók, son of Kvarsheim, son of Gunnar Loðbrók by embrace.

ISTJ-T | Fiery | Stubborn | Spiteful | Unsure
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A fiery gaze, foul mouth and stubborn skin aids him no help in his relationships. Standoffish, self-destructive, insecure, and deep down is a young boy yearning for connection. Passionate, guarded, bitter and locked; attempts to keep himself at an arms length from others in fear he will tarnish others and himself. Poor social skills make him rough around the edges as he tries to conform to a sense of normalcy. Bonnie has primal instinct rooted in his veins. Perhaps some of this rage is an anxious front.
The Swiftcurrent Creek beast. Homed by Kvarsheim with poor connections to his fellow pack members. At the wrong place at the wrong time, he gained a foul reputation regarding an incident in the Witch's Marsh. Nourished back to health in Riverclan. The coffins been nailed. Tensions have greatly severed the bond of the pack alliances, and fingers have fallen. In the chaos' wake, Bonnie has lost the one true parental figure he's ever gained, and Gunnar's passed. Tumbling.
Before the Teekons.
Alone at a few months of age, Bonnie spent the majority of his life with an elder who found the young one and tried his best to stand in as his guardian. Despite the elders efforts, nothing seemed to save what would be a yearling dispersing in spite. Bonnie left the only parental figure he would likely ever have in a journey of tackling prey too big for him to handle, disregarding any being he's met, and constantly trying to prove an unknown "point."
Pack History

May 19th, 2023 - now
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Player Notes
His beliefs and emotions do not represent my own! He's just a bit of a jerk sometimes, but it is never personal or taken ooc. If he's being rude, normally I'm calling him a butt to myself offscreen.
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