Profile of Kukulkaan: Quick Facts
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Pledged Tikal
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Basic Info
Full Name: K'uk'ulkaan Tikal
Born: K'uk' Bahlamquetzal jaguar
Title: Kuhul Ajaw, Ajaw
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him or They/Their
Age: 2 years (March 1st)
Birthplace: Tikal
At a Glance
Profile of Kukulkaan: Details


tall legged and muscular body draped in a coat of feveredcoated searock grey along his back with an obsidian underbelly, legs, mask and inside of ears. short, 'doe-like' tail*. pale frostbound eyes that are a silver-blue; looking more silver or blue depending on light.
* the doe-like tail is a hereditary birthdefect along kukulkaan's bloodline.
[Image: 49009169_8spkSvTmwLhT0gy.png]


kuk bahlam, son of tezcacoatl was groomed to become ajaw from the very beginning. trained to be both warriorking and peaceking by both father and women warriors his father kept as guard ... a guard that was transferred to kuk bahlem once he ascended the throne and took his godblood name: kukulkaan, as tradition of all ajaw.


kukulkaan is written in posts as 'they/them' to signify their belief that they are descended from godhood. this belief will be layered heavily in my writing.
kukulkaan will introduce themselves as 'ajaw' or 'kuhul ajaw' as 'names' are believed to be sacred and meant to be heard and uttered by only those trusted/in private. if someone who knows their name is kukulkaan and calls them as such without their consent will be seen and taken as grave offense regardless of intention. * i understand and accept this may pose consequences to ku himself.
calls themselves 'this one' instead of 'i', 'my' etc ( in both mayan & common ).

[Image: 62890046_u4u0PyjUlJEr64a.png]


8 of the strongest warriors handpicked by kukulkaan. his most trusted. acting as guard, council, diplomats, and spies when sent in his stead. defenders of the nation, bringers of justice and speakers of kukulkaan's will.

sabah, flecha, kaelan, ajtün, xtabay, ???, ??? & ???.


kukulkaan's flesh and blood children both known & unknown.
Pack History


the largest pack in the río bec with a massive trading 'market' held just outside their packlands — a time where skirmishes were not allowed — and a formidable sect of warriors. they are feared because of their brutal efficiency as conquerors and silvertongued diplomacy. peace for the wolves of tikal is a plaything; offered conditionally but easily broken. they are easily slighted, their warmonger nature winning out in the end; usually at the whims of their ajaw.
a skilled tactician and fighter, despite the holcan that surrounds them.
Profile of Kukulkaan: Additional Information
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kukulkaan & my writing are entirely experimental.
can be assumed he is speaking in yucatec mayan to his holcan; mayan will be denoted as speech. any of the holcan is welcome in all of ku's threads.
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