Profile of Kaelan: Quick Facts
Pledged Tikal
Played By: Box
Basic Info
Full Name: Ix Fa Kaelan
Subspecies: Wolfdog (Timber Wolf x Belgian Malinois x Heeler)
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 (Spring, 2021)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At a Glance
Profile of Kaelan: Details

A lean, mean running machine of a maligator. Structured like a wolf, almost, but displays her domestic blood in the whipcord thinness of her body and the short, slick length of her coat. Resembles the domestic, with some white on her throat, back paw, and tail. Has a pair of sharp gold eyes, seemingly always blown in excitement.
A riot.

Kaelan only listens to her ajaw, and has no other authority besides that. She’s a creature of little respect to outsiders, and often delights in chasing them out of range of what she thinks of as hers. Deeply possessive of what she has, an inability to slow down or think for five seconds, and, of course, no filter. She recognizes patience is something some people have, and blows past it in favor of her own instincts. Never happier than when she’s on the run.

Silent to those she does not know. Speaks only to her fellows and, of course, her ajaw, who she follows without any question. Entirely ignores, or chases with teeth those who are godless in her eyes. Outright judgmental of newcomers until they have either proven themselves or something else catches her eye.

Enjoys fun wherever she can find it. Even if that is hazing newbies with her teeth.

Outright cruel to some, a fun loving speed demon to others.
Raised by a mother who was not her own, eventually took her place.

Running alone for now.
Follows her ajaw K'uk'ulkaan with a fervor bordering on religious.

Her fellow Holcan, Sabah, Fletcha and [insert others here]
Pack History
Profile of Kaelan: Additional Information
Registered on March 18, 2023, last visited March 25, 2023, 10:34 AM

-Based on Yucatán Mayan culture, when Kaelan speaks, it will always be in that language, as she cannot/will not speak common. She understands it, but refuses to learn/speak it aloud under the pretext of it being a “godless” language. Unless commanded to outright, she won’t.
-Does the Mal teeth clicking when she’s bored, overexcited, or overstimulated

-Has resource guarding issues, will bite anyone she associates as taking her food, toys, or anything she thinks of as hers. Gets nippy with those smaller than her, or of a lesser rank. Needs constant stimulation or she will go ballistic

Kaelan can be outright cruel to outsiders, especially those new to Tikal who have not lived up to her often nebulous standards. Her opinions should be taken with a grain of salt and are not my own personal opinions of the characters she meets. Kaelan is entirely an unreliable narrator.
Kaelan's Signature
Kaelan does not speak common, any dialogue she has can be assumed to be in yucatan mayan

Kaelan can be liberally pped by her ajaw and sisters in the holcan in all situations except life or death
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