Profile of Ellie: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Ellie
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1<br><b>Birthsign:</b> Taurus (May 15, 2013)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
&mdash; Small.
&mdash; Light tawny-colored fur.
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Profile of Ellie: Details
&mdash; Small.
&mdash; Light tawny-colored fur with grey and cream mixed in.
&mdash; Light golden eyes.
&mdash; Personality Type: <a href="">ISFP</a>
&mdash; Curses like a sailor.
&mdash; Can be abrasive and often has no filter when speaking her mind. Doesn't usually think about what she says before she says it.
&mdash; Has a newfound determination for finding her place in the world, and desperately wants the attention and support of a pack to help her hone what skills she has.
&mdash; Very much enjoys sleeping and will become extremely agitated if woken up.
&mdash; Can be quite pessimistic at times. Often assumes things will not go her way, even when it is obvious that they probably will.
&mdash; Has barely enough fighting and hunting skills to survive. Can only catch small prey. Often threatens to harm others when severely angry, but in reality, would probably get her ass kicked if she actually got into a fight with anyone.
&mdash; Has a soft spot for pups and would -- despite knowing the dangers involved -- fight to the death if it meant saving a pup's life.
&mdash; Has a past she does not like to speak of and will avoid elaborating on if possible.
&mdash; If forced to elaborate, she will be as vague as she is allowed to be.
&mdash; Was ousted from her birth pack when she became a year old for being "an unfit member of the family".
Pack History
<b>Lone Wolf:</b> August 7th 2014 - present
Profile of Ellie: Additional Information
If any thread of mine has reached 10+ posts and goes 1 week without a response from my partner(s), I will archive it. In the case of important threads, I will send a PM before archiving it. I reserve the right to pull my character out of any thread at any time, for any reason.
Ellie is open for threads at any time with anyone. Just PM me!
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