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Basic Info
Full Name: Cethleann Darroch
Subspecies: coastal wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (6/14/2013)
Birthplace: Mithris Tarn
At A Glance
She is a small wolf, appearing to be frail but not without grace. Her coat is a blanket of soft hues; tawny and ash with clear white on her undersides and cobalt melted into her shoulders and along her spine. Her eyes are a greenish silver like iced sea glass.
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Profile of Cethleann: Details
Cethleann is a delicate creature in both character and looks. Her frame is like that of a porcelain doll; She is small and appears fragile, almost sickly in her weakness. She is swathed in pale layers of smoke and sand cascading down her sides into alabaster linen. Even the darkest of her shades are soft like slate that weaves along her shoulders and back. Her eyes are the color of frosted mint that seem to glimmer in the sun and are the only mark of brilliance upon her.
After growing up in a neglectful and harsh family, Cethleann is what you would expect of a child of such--timid, unsure and broken. She carries with her the emotional scars of a defeated wolf, scared and frail. Her quiet, gentle nature should not be taken as weakness however. Although her family declared her unworthy, she has still inside of her buried deep, the warrior heart if the Darroch that needs only to be nurtured to finally begun to grow.
Cethleann was born in a time of great joy for Mithris Tarn. At the beginning of her year of birth, Juniper Bhitheas was named the new High Alpha of the Tarn, replacing her mother who had passed on months previously. After taking on her Second at the first new mean of the year, the High Alpha was blessed with her first pregnancy and in late May she gave birth to six healthy pups. The other pack mothers of the Tarn rejoiced for it is tradition in their culture that the High Alpha's litter must be the largest, so those who have more children than her must choose from their own litters which must be sacrificed to the Gods to set right the balance.

Juniper's large litter was a sign of fortune and of great things to come for those of the Tarn. For Cethleann, it meant her entire life, for she was born in mid-June in a litter of five to the Darrochs--one of the three great families of the Tarn. Had the High Alpha's litter been any less, it would have been Cethleann's whose life was forfeited for she was born small and weak; the clear runt of the brood.

For the Darroch family, there was little to be rejoiced with their ability to leave her alive. To kill without the Divine Blessing was sacrilege in the Tarn, so as much as the warrior family would have liked to have destroyed their shameful weakling daughter, they were forced to keep her and raise her in the tradition of their fore-mothers. Upon reaching one year of age, however, they were sadly within even divine right to cast their frail daughter out of their pack, out of the Tarn and out of memory.

After traveling alone on the brink of death, she was found by the Nereides who have her back her life. While their beliefs were not so far from her own, she worked tirelessly to make her place amongst them and eventually grew to be one of their most devoted sirens in one of the sister packs scattered across the world. She contributed five daughters and two sons to strengthen their ranks before her untimely death just after the birth of her second litter.
Pack History
Father: Brennan Darroch VII
Mother: Brielle Darroch
Littermates: Ranait , Tuila , Liam , Lagan
Children: Chara , Hypatios , Eris , Titos , Xanthippe , Xanthia , Parthenia

Cethleann has many in her extended family, including both older and young siblings.
Mithris Tarn: Puppy [June 2013 - December 2013], Student [December 2013 - May 2014], Apprentice [June 2014 - July 2014]
Ianthe Cove: [July 2014 - Current]
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