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Mate to Zaria
Basic Info
Full Name: FitzDutiful "Trustworthy" Silvertip
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (February 20, 2013)
Birthplace: Wisconsin
At A Glance
A light grey coloured wolf with peppered streaks through his fur, FitzDutiful stands strong at 100 lbs. He surveys the world through his golden eyes and listens with dark tipped ears. Pure white feet and legs, with dark claws, leave large footprints in his wake and a dark tipped tail follows behind.
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Profile of FitzDutiful: Details
FitzDutiful's base is primarily light grey (#C7C4BF) that is peppered with a dark brown (#3C2005) throughout. As the furs leads down his legs it becomes pure white without a pepper in sight before being topped off with dark claw. His tail slowly transitions to the same dark brown of his pepper fur and his ears are also dipped in a darker brown (#3A2010). His eyes stem from the same colour spectrum, seeing the world through zest orbs (#E5841B).

He has a very strong base, well muscular from his frequent warden training exercises. He is medium height for a male wolf.
Ever true to his name, FitzDutiful will always try to do the right thing for a given situation. This is often his downfall as well as his strength. When faced with a dilemma he will often put his own needs behind others if that appears to be the correct thing to do.

At times he has shown himself to put his own needs above others - the founding of Silvertip Mountain. These situations are very few and far between and only when he feels others lose out less than what he can offer by putting himself first.

FitzDutiful enjoys learning, seeking trades was the first thing he did. He takes pride in having trades and perfecting those skills of counselling, naturalism and wardenship.
A son born of a un-mated couple, as soon as he was whelped he was raised by his father's family. Once he reached of age he left to find himself, taking the name of his homeland as his own.

Upon arrival in the Teekon Wilds he joined Blacktail Deer Plateau where he became close to Peregrine and Fox. When they announced their desire to leave, he went with them to found Redhawk Caldera. He learnt an awful lot as part of that pack, gaining the counsellor trade and making his way forwards in Wardenship too.

Eventually the time came when he realised he wanted to lead a pack of his own and could give a lot by doing so. With his mate, Raissa, in tow he set off to found Silvertip Mountain. Along the way he earned pledges from Bindi and Tempest and Silvertip Mountain founded quicker than he could have ever imagined.

Not long after their formation, Raissa mentioned she wanted puppies. Understanding everything that she had given up for him FitzDutiful agreed when her heat came upon her. The heat came sooner than expected but the pack was stable enough that FitzDutiful gave into her (and his) desires and the deal was sealed.

The puppies were due to arrive April 14th 2015, however Bindi - now the pack beta - had an awful dislike of Raissa and FitzDutiful was torn between the two. After talking to Bindi she agreed to keep her distance from Raissa, when FitzDutiful went to talk to Raissa about the same thing he found her standing by a river about to kill herself and their unborn children. Enraged by this they exchanged words with each other, agreeing to try and get through this. Little did FitzDutiful know that she had already scarred Bindi for life and would run away the morning after assuring him that she wouldn't take their children from him.

On April 7th, one week early, the Mason and June were born. FitzDutiful shortly after realised that they would have to be stricter as to who they took into the pack.

For a time things went well until Bindi stopped participating in events. Not thinking anything of it, FitzDutiful grew closer to Raissa and when he found out Bindi had seemingly disappeared from Silvertip Mountain, Raissa was promoted to Alpha to rule by his side. Bindi shortly returned but for her temporary desertion he revoked her beta rank, putting her amidst the other members, unsure if there were any feelings left between them.

Not too long after Raissa's promotion - which only lasted a day - a tornado swept through the valley. Raissa had been missing beforehand and now it seemed unlikely she would ever return. On this fateful day, July 18th 2015, FitzDutiful was resigned being a single father, relying upon his loyalist pack members to help him.

Despite trying to keep matters of the heart out of any decisions, FitzDutiful developed an attraction for a Dothraki wolf that he had taken in before the storm, Zhavvi; now known as Zaria. Determined to not rush into anything like he had with both Raissa and Bindi, FitzDutiful stayed strong against those feelings. As his children got older, and he found him having to devote less time to them, he began to indulge every so slightly.

Zaria and FitzDutiful mated, much to the disgrace of Mason who had developed feelings for Zaria. It was a difficult transition, but it became easier once FitzDutiful's brother, Steady, joined the pack and became a close confidante of Mason's. FitzDutiful had rose-coloured glasses on how bad things were between Mason and Zaria but things continued onwards, with Zaria becoming an alpha alongside him and the two of them ruled together, happily.

Artwork by Lily
With the turning of the year, and Mason reaching nine months and becoming an adult; FitzDutiful extended a beta invitation to his son. His brother, not knowing that Mason had been asked as was thinking over the decision, decided to ask about becoming beta too. Whereas Zaria and FitzDutiful didn't see eye to eye on Mason's invitation, they both agreed that Steady deserved it and he became and Beta of Silvertip Mountain.

Mason, having thought it over and finding out Steady was a beta, approached his father and step-mother about why Steady was made beta. Happy with the reasoning, he chose to accept the role and became a Beta along with a Caretaker. Little did he know that during these events, Zaria had gone into heat and four little puppies were resting within her; looking forward to making Mason a big brother.

On March 20, Zaria gave birth to 6 little babies. One was killed accidentally by the inexperienced mother and another was stillborn; they were gone before FitzDutiul ever knew they existed. He had four more children named Solemn, Stoic, Adeline and Odette. The boys were named by him, the girls names an unfortunate side effect of the brain aneurism he had which Zaria fashioned into names for them.

Less than a month after they were born, on April 16th 2016, the aneurism - which had given him migraine style symptoms since before their birth - ruptured and he died on the mountain side.
Pack History
Only those that have been in the Teekon Wilds are listed. For all others see the Family Tree
Mate: Zaria
April 7th, 2015 (Raissa): Mason, June
March 20th, 2016 (Zaria): Solemn, Stoic, Adeline,
Siblings: [p=2119]Gracious
, Steady
Previous Romantic Relations: Raissa (mate), Bindi (deep feelings)
Blacktail Deer Plateau: August 26 - October 2
Lone Wolf: October 3 - October 10
Redhawk Caldera: October 11 - February 2
Lone Wolf: February 3 - February 5
Silvertip Mountain: (Alpha) February 6, 2015 - April 16, 2016
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