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Mate to Osprey
Basic Info
Full Name: Dante Cor Obscuri
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3.5 (Spring 2012)
Birthplace: Appalachian Range
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Profile of Dante: Details

Artwork by Lieu
A true testament to the size capability of his breed, Dante is built solidly with a rock-steady frame. Though he is not particularly agile, he moves with a quiet that is surprising for one so massive. His eyes are a smooth silver to match his coat, though the fur cascades to white as it reaches his underbelly. Along his back the fur is black-tipped and rather long.

— Scarring on his side (mostly hidden beneath thick fur) — (fight with Koda)
— Slightly roughened voice, most likely permanent; some mild respiratory damage — (plateau fire)
— Half his left ear gone and scarring on his left cheek — (fight with Charon)

Dante is a wolf whose entire being is heavily grounded in reality. He is an extremely rationalizing individual who will do what he believes to be best in a situation no matter what that may entail.

This realistic approach can often make him appear a pessimist, though in truth his outlook is not quite that dreary. He believes in good in others and is willing to compromise at times, but only when the advantages outweigh the risks or adverse effects.

He is extremely quick to judge and is harsh in his evaluations. With family he may be slightly more lenient, but it is a toss up. Once crossed he does not easily forgive nor forget and it is quite possible he will hold onto his misgivings for life. This can make him a hard wolf to get close to, for his expectations are high. They are equally high for himself, however. He has standards that are at times hypocritical but he will hold to them with a frightening intensity unless unequivocally proven wrong on a point.

Loose insp. - Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Smallville
Born one of three to two alphas, Dante's birth pack was of the opinion that only the strong survive. Raised to be independent, he did not ever really know his mother well. His father was a different story. He took a deep interest in Dante since his large size even as a pup showed the promise of a future alpha. When he was young Dante had a fairly good relationship with his brother, Daes. However, his sister Tarin was his favored one, and she favored him much the same.

Their father, Atrix, did not do well with disappointment, and where Dante shone, Tarin disappointed. She had no predilection whatsoever for fighting and had no will to learn, even for the sake of their father. Thus she was cast out, a common practice in their pack when one did not have the strength to keep up. Atrix did not count, however, on Dante following. He could not let her leave on her own.

[Image: dante_messy_zpsjtq1tqgs.png]Though they were still young, they got along pretty well. Dante protected her and they managed. While traveling they came across another pack and remained there for a while. Tarin took a mate and decided to stay, but Dante was restless. He was not fond of the alpha nor the territory. When he saw that his sister was well established, they parted ways, and he left to find a place better suited to his own needs.

As he traveled he met up with Helena, another loner like he, and they decided to join paths since two travel more safely than one.

When he encountered the Teekon Wilds, he spent a lot of time wandering. Helena disappeared soon after, but he remained, and ended up joining with Blacktail Deer Plateau. He joined the pack's leadership as Beta Male a surprisingly short time into his membership, though the promotion was grudging.

When, unbeknownst to him, Peregrine and Fox set out to find a home of their own, he was suddenly thrust into leadership when Fox injured herself and Peregrine left the pack sooner than anticipated. Thus he stepped into the role of Alpha, one that he felt did not fit at the time but that he has since slowly grown into. For a time, things were peaceful.

After a fire ravaged the plateau's eastern woods, Dante left to search for those lost and gain some perspective. While he was away, he met with a messenger who carried terrible news - his beloved sister had been killed, as well as her young children. His home pack had branded them traitors, as any who abandoned, but saw no point in tracking down and killing specifically any deserters. Knowing it to be personal, he surmised the murderer to be his half-sister, and the deaths a clear message meant for him to recieve. The thirst for revenge is strong and he eagerly awaits the day she arrives to follow through on the presumed threat.

Both Lasher and Dante, feeling that too many shadows overhung the Plateau, agreed that a move would be opportune. After scouting the regions west, they found a proud forest resting near the coast, the Sentinels. Dante, deciding his time of leadership past, requested that once there, Lasher take up the mantle. Lasher agreed, but asked that Dante remain as Beta, a request he gladly accepted.

Shortly before their move, a glad twist of fate brought Osprey back home. Though he met her with some trepidation, their friendship was soon resumed with it's same strength. It would pass into a new stage soon after when, arriving at their new home, Osprey asked Dante to be her mate. Neither spoke of love quite yet, but he happily agreed, so in December of 2015 they began a new chapter.
Pack History
Father: Atrix
Mother: Kira
Siblings: Tarin, Daes, Melusina (half)
Nieces and nephews that did not make it through their first year

Mate: Osprey

Sagittaria, Terance, & Wraen (5/11/16)
Cassandra, Coriander, Maia (3/17)
Janus, Jupiter, Junona (3/18)

Artwork by Athena

Artwork by Iris
Obscurum Pack
Birth to 9 months

Lone Wolf
9 months to 2 years
(brief stay with Highland Pack, parted ways with Tarin)

Blacktail Deer Plateau:
(06/13/14) Kappa
(06/16/14) Zeta
(06/23/14) Gamma
(09/01/14) Beta
(10/05/14) Alpha

(12/01/15) Beta
Profile of Dante: Additional Information
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