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RIP Peregrine
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Basic Info
Full Name: Peregrine Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf, etc.
Sex: Male
Age: Deceased (03/17/2011 — 10/31/2016)
Birthplace: Seahawk Valley, British Columbia
At A Glance
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Profile of RIP Peregrine: Details
Peregrine took after his mother in size; he was notably large (32 in. x 5.25 ft. x 125 lbs.) with a brawny build and long, lissome legs. His chiseled facial features complemented his strapping physique, lending him a rugged but prepossessing presence. He resembled his father in coloration, sharing Aether's deep charcoal pelt with both dorsal and ventral fading. During his fourth year, his fur lightened suddenly, leaving him significantly blanched on his chin, throat, chest and underside. His eyes were a dusky jade color, even though the left was partially blind.
Human Model: Patrick Dempsey
Although he borrowed from his parents equally in appearances, he favored March Owl in demeanor: he tended to be crass and temperamental, particularly with strangers. He was extremely territorial, defending his home with savage ferocity and rarely stepping beyond its borders. When he was around pack mates, he was rascally and fiercely protective, albeit typically standoffish. With the few that had truly won his respect, he could be surprisingly sweet-tempered and charming.
Peregrine grew up in a family pack, which he never would have left if his older brother hadn't risen to power and banished him. He quite literally wandered into Blacktail Deer Plateau shortly afterward and thoughtlessly joined its ranks. He quickly fell in love with Hawkeye, the Alpha female, and became her mate and the ruler beside her. He maintained this station for nearly a year, during which they welcomed a litter, only for Hawkeye to step down and their relationship to ultimately end. He found love again in the form of a longtime "frenemy," Fox. When his new young mate asked him to leave with her, they founded Redhawk Caldera together. They lived there together with their tightly-knit family—including their oodles of "Firebirds"—until Peregrine's dying day.
Pack History
Only natal (parents and siblings) and nuclear (significant others and offspring) relatives are listed.
Aether DiSarinno & March Owl Redleaf
04/27/2007: Athens & Phoebe
07/13/2007: Nevs , Raptor , Rascal & Jade
03/03/2008: Sveinx , Atlantia , Sparta & Custard
03/18/2009: Lawless , Dragoncello , Velox & Tyrannus
03/15/2010: Athena , Perseus & Echo
03/17/2011: Atticus , Crete & Osprey
03/25/2012: Dean , Ray & Koontz
Significant Others
Mate: Fox (formerly: Hawkeye )
Lover: n/a (formerly: Lasher & Pantaleimon )
03/31/2014: Tytonidae & Osprey Jr.
04/04/2014: Saena & Pura
02/22/2015: "Derp" , Nightjar , Wildfire & Raven
02/29/2016: Ferret , Gannet , Whip-poor-will & Peter Pan
03/20/2016: Jackrabbit
01/01/2017: Oriole , Orca , Titmouse , Towhee , Phox & Stoat
Flightless Falcons
Sulcirostris (03/17/2011— 01/02/2014)
Lone Wolf
01/02/2014 — 01/10/2014
Blacktail Deer Plateau
Sigma (01/10/2014 — 01/20/2014)
Omicron (01/20/2014 — 01/24/2014)
Gamma (01/24/2014 — 01/29/2014)
Alpha Male (01/29/2014 — 10/03/2014)
Lone Wolf
10/03/2014 — 10/11/2014
Redhawk Caldera
Alpha Male (10/11/2014 — 05/15/2015)
Kappa (05/15/2015 — 06/04/2015)
Alpha Male (06/04/2015 — 10/31/2016)

Trades & Specialties
Primary: Caregiver
Secondary: Mercenary
Former: Hunter
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