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Malia the Almighty

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Full Name: Malia <3
Subspecies: Human
Sex: Female
Age: (09.13.99)
Birthplace: The U.S. of A.
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RP Policies:

鈥 My characters thoughts, actions, etc. do not represent me in real life. I鈥檓 a good person, while some of my characters may not be!

鈥 My muse is like a whacky rollercoaster but 95% of the time I have a lot of muse with most if not all of my characters. I also usually reply fairly fast. I almost always reply once to each thread a day if not multiple times through the day. So I鈥檓 moderately fast paced.

鈥 I usually like to be active in most group threads and would prefer to not be skipped. If 3 days have passed feel free to skip me! Or pm me to skip me sooner.

鈥 I鈥檓 open to ooc plotting and am always open to any ideas with any of my characters.

If theres something weird about a post of mine, ie. something in a sentence doesn鈥檛 make sense, you believe I powerplayed, if I accidentally took your post out of context, or literally anything else, PLEASE don鈥檛 be shy to tell me. I have absolutely no problem changing it! ;)

鈥 Regarding character injuries: I usually will not acknowledge any injuries of a character until the thread where they gained them is moderately concluded. If I can tell there will most likely be no more fighting I will update their profile of the injuries sustained and reference them in future threads.

Sparring/fighting methods: I will usually roll for direct hit or misses and allow the dice to take the turn/fate of a fight.
Example: Roll 1d2
1 - Successful
2 - Unsuccessful
Roll for *Character鈥檚 name* to bite their opponents neck.
*Roll here*
On some cases I will do a damage roll of 1d3. This does not pertain to the Health Points of a character, rather the severity of the wound and roughly what it would look like. I find this method much more realistic than adding a damage buff if a character has the warrior trade and such. Therefore none of my characters will use their damage buff even if they have any level of the Warrior trade. Although if the other person I鈥檓 threading with is deadset on using the WOLF spar system I will use the damage buff if the character I鈥檓 using has one.
Example: Roll 1d3
1 - Low Damage
2 - Moderate Damage
3 - High Damage
Example of damage rolls here.
Though this is my main sparing method, I will do a damage type rolling method along WITH my hit or miss method if asked to. Per this rolling method. Though unless asked, I will only stick to straight hit or miss rolls + some damage rolls.

Post Length: I usually do moderately long posts, but will occasionally do short posts. Usually no less that 60-90 words.

My Characters:

A war-torn leader from a far away land known as the Abbey. His previous pack compromised mostly of wolf-dogs. Getting the whistle blown by his ex wife, Sasha, she leads humans to their location and are slaughtered by humans. Resulting on Donovan seeking refuge in a new place 鈥 The Teekin Wilds.

Description here

description here

Description here

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About me:

Hey! I鈥檓 Malia and I鈥檝e been in the RP community for at least 7 years now! I love all the characters I create and enjoy being creative with my writing. Even though my muse dies every once in a while, (hey, it happens man) I will always keep anyone I have a thread with updated! I鈥檓 really very sweet and consider myself slightly hilarious, so feel free to pm me anytime!! If out of character plotting is wanted or you just wanna talk about our characters feel free to ask for my discord! <3

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