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Full Name: Li
Subspecies: Fox
silver phase red fox
Sex: Female
Age: 1.3 (03/19)
Birthplace: North
exact location is unknown
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Lii is currently away. Reason: COVID-19 POSITIVE: shorter replies, might be slower.
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li is a small and plush vixen, coated in colors of shining silvers, deep shadows, and in the right light a touch of sapphire sky. it is very obvious that she takes time to care for her coat and fluffy tail. her eyes are soft, doe-like, always quizzical. their color a deep cappuccino brown, with flecks of gold and ember. always peering out of an mask of mystery, its obvious that intelligence lays behind her gaze.聽

please not that li does not completely understand that she is not a wolf, she knows she is different in some way
BIOLOGICAL young vixen unknown male fox
MOTHER awenfen

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