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Full Name: Will-o'-the-wisp, n茅e Rabe
Aliases: Wisp, Rabe
Subspecies: C. l. occidentalis
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (November 2018)
Birthplace: East
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鉂 Of ghostes and spirites, walking by night: and of straunge noyses, crackes, and sundrie forewarnings: which commonly happen before the death of men; 鉂
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tall, sharp, eyes made of coal. cloaked in blurred shades of charcoal and ash, lightening to silver beneath fine-carved muzzle and bleeding into throat's hollow. shadowed wraith, wandering, seeking, silent.

we'd be so less fragile if we were made of metal
the wraith is whelped along one other in november of 2018. her mother a wolf, her father a raven, king of the birds. mother's whispered tales colour her childhood, which comes to end when her caregiver slips away into herself and eventually, away entirely. alongside her sibling does she wander for a time; coming to rest in an unclaimed weald. on the anniversary of their mother's death does fire come to claim it instead, and so she is ousted once more into the unknown, separated from her brother and finding herself in the Teekon Wilds.

and our hearts from iron

岽勆磩岽囀岽徤瘁磭 - markedly silent, it's difficult whether to tell whether she lacks the capability for speech entirely, or if the ability to do so is only deeply marred by months of disuse. an apt navigator, well-schooled in the ways of the natural world. a fighter second, quick and effective, it is evident that someone, once, had taught her in the ways of a warrior. solitude has made her a creature quietly focused on her own interests, though hardship has lent to her a simple respect, if not quite kindness, for others. a tendency to become deeply attached to places, and come to consider them her own.

and our minds from steel

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