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this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Reigi - February 12, 2018

(Phone post! Formatting to come later. Perhaps @Laurel or @Indra but definitely aw! maybe even someone from wapun?)

her cycle had come and gone, and though she had been keeping more to herself, things had more or less returned to normal.  she held close to her usual perch at the mouth of the valley, only moving to perform her morning routine or when xan required her presence.

this morning was no different.  the sun was low but had finally become visible as the clouds parted, covering the raven in a fiery morning halo.  she had marked the borders like she did every morning and then returned to her perch, smoothing her tongue over her muzzle as the snow fell lightly, dusting the already snowpacked landscape.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Laurel - February 13, 2018

While Reigi's heat had gone, Laurel's was only getting started (or so it felt to her, as she had no idea that this was a periodic thing); she was enjoying this newfound power and though her run-in with Xan had been unfortunate, she knew that it was bound to happen at some point. She would just have to see how long he would prove to be amusing still, but if he continued to be a prick after their heat had gone then maybe it was time to leave (if he didn't make them, first). Laurel was waiting for the moment to be ditched by the rest of her pack, as that was how it always went. That was what she knew was coming.

@Indra was still asleep when Laurel left her to make her way to the borders to go look 'round Wapun for some more boys to tease. Maybe Indra would join her later, she thought; her scent was still an easy enough beacon to follow.

The stupid girl that had threatened Indra and then stolen Xan away earlier had gone from her mind totally; that was, until Laurel was minding her own business prancing towards the borders with an inviting bounce to her step and she realised that she was headed straight for her. Well, great... But there weren't really any other ways to exit the Valley easily and so she decided that she would just walk past her for now. Tail was flagged high, head erect, as she continued in a slower pace, almost flauntingly so, headed straight for/past the other.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Reigi - February 13, 2018

the raven had not forgotten about the pair of sisters, she had just  been practicing active avoidance measures.  enough time had passed that she assessed that the whole thing blew over without incident, and she no longer had to fear the two of them rounding in on her.

so when laurel's scent wafted from behind, worry did not spark within her breast and hum in her extremities the way they had when it was him on the line.  the woman still had reigi's watchful eye as she left the valley, but the shade would have been content to leave it there.


while the subtle intricacies of being a cunt were lost on reigi, and she did not have an inkling of pack structure or rank, the only person she had seen carry themselves like that had been xan.  she could not help the exaggerated plume of breath that escaped her nostrils, and had the former intricacies been known to her she would have accompanied it with an eye roll.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Indra - February 14, 2018

indra had gone to the borders to resecure them, only to find someone had already beaten her to the punch. one precursory sniff at the frozen ground revealed who the culprit was. with a scoff and a hike of her leg she did a decidely laurel thing then, and contributed her own steamy urine to the mix.

as if to say i'm here and was here last, not you. satisfied with her addition, indra strode after laurel's scents, which were easy enough to detect when the snow was far from clandestine and boldly audited every single creature's passing that day by nature of inescapable imprints in its surface. as the scent grew clearer, so did the scent of that wolf -- the one that xan had an affinity for.

indra stopped as she came upon the two. she was a distance away, but close enough to interfere should something happen. from her vantage she thought it better to hang back, a watchful and cold stare levelled at the wolf she did not know the name of.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Laurel - February 15, 2018

There was a tenseness in the air as she passed. From the corner of her eye Laurel caught a glimpse of her sister's ruddy hues and it somehow spurred her to set even more of an example. Just one thing needed to get on her nerves and she would give her a piece of her mind. Body was still carried dominantly as she passed, keeping a close eye on her opponent, ear tilted in her direction.

Something that sounded a lot like a sigh escaped her mouth and Laurel halted, turning her body and frustration towards the other wolf and hissed: "What?! What the fuck is your problem?" She was sick of this, didn't want to tiptoe around the pack and didn't want this stupid girl to steal the Alpha she didn't even want herself. She wasn't too sure what was going on, but she was sure that this girl was the root of all her problems.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Reigi - February 15, 2018

for dominance


she had hoped that the woman would strut out of the borders and she'd be able to get on with her morning without incident, and although reigi did not like the woman's posturing she would have allowed it.  but unfortunately for laurel, she made the mistake of turning around, spitting at the wild woman like she was some freak or worse — like she had done something wrong.

so she would have to be put in her place, taught a lesson.  she couldn't simply meander in and shove her twat in the face of the wolf with no name, and then turn on her like she had been the one to screw up, though all she had been doing was — what, existing?

she stood abruptly and then jumped down from her perch and laurel was lucky that reigi had decided to give her a warning at all.  she shifts, her posture dominant and predatory as she fixes her gaze on this stupid bitch who constantly felt the need to threaten her, to make her feel unsafe in the land she had claimed as her home.  

her lip raises and she growls, wild and frightening, ready to launch if the other moves at all.  her message is clear: fuck off out of here, or we're going to fight.

RE: between the ice and the fire - Moorhen - February 15, 2018

Sif was on her way out of the territory as well, intent on hunting around for @Rheia for a bit. She made a habit of doing so every now and then despite having turned up nothing so far. She paused, however, when she came upon the tense scene, feeling at once as though she'd walked in on something she was not supposed to see. The dark girl fell back a few uncertain steps, feeling cowed by the others even though she'd had friendly encounters with all three of them.

For the moment, she simply watched. Perhaps this was just more pack stuff she didn't understand.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Indra - February 15, 2018

from the sidelines indra saw laurel shift and change her posture -- she also saw the tawny wolf slip from the rock like an insiduous shadow, snaking towards her sister with malevolent steps. even from a distance her intention was clear; the not-so subtle change in body language, the aggressive flail of her tail.

instinctively indra bristled, feeling her own body shift in retaliation. with a low growl slung into the air indra stalked forward, her amber gaze locked on reigi with authoritative command -- reigi was her subordinate, not the other way around. instinctively indra knew to deflect the situation before it turned into an all out brawl. she did not even notice sif as she came closer -- all indra had eyes on now was the female that had the audacity to challenge one of the first members of the pack.

what was that saying? studs fight for breeding rights... bitches fight for breathing rights. indra knew more than anything this situation was about to escalate - pack mob mentality was a dangerous thing and she already felt herself giving into redirected aggression.

had indra tail she would have flagged it dominantly -- she had to assert her position in other ways. she knew to lift her muzzle above reigi's in mark of her station, and she stalked forward stiff-legged, ears forward, with her muzzle crinkled into a silent snarl. her message was perhaps clearer: submit, or else.

indra might have let reigi challenge another wolf for its rank, but this wolf was laurel - and no one threatened her sister. her lips curled back once more, this time accompanied by a deep and powerful snarl.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Taliesin - February 15, 2018

The earthy stained silhouette hadn’t spent much time wandering within the borders of the pack - he felt off, unwelcome. He hadn’t even seen another wolf outside of his sister and the snowy mountain that protected her. For that, Akuma was grateful but his mind was not made up on his “alpha”. Pack life was uncomfortable since the only home he’d ever known outside of his short-lived nuclear family was the Labyrinth. Even then, he was tossed aside like rotten elk and his opinions were still tainted by their mistreatment.  

Despite the awkward mien of the valley, he had no other choice than to be by his sisters side. He would do anything for his blood and if that meant being slightly on edge then he would live this way for the rest of his life if need be. When crossing the rocky borders, unfamiliar odors gathered and soaked into his nose. At first the brute was only annoyed, he didn’t hope to have much interaction outside of his sibling. Though, the wish did seem impractical if he were to live here amongst these strangers, so it seemed most logical to finally meet them. 

The scene was unexpected, but the moment his violet gaze found these two wenches asserting themselves as something higher his sister - his demeanor instantly shifted. A sharp, air-slicing bark echoed into the group, his black lips curled to reveal large ivories. Akuma stalked closer to his companion, making it clear if they planned to even breath on her he wouldn’t hesitate to attack.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Laurel - February 16, 2018

All Laurel wanted was to know what the fucking problem of the stupid bitch was. Still in her heat, she wasn't eager for any other dumb bitches to be near if they were going to act like they owned the place, but if they were, then well, she at least wanted some fucking answers. The other jumped down in clear challenge, lips peeled back in a growl and her body raising, hair pricked defensively and angry scowl on her face.

Laurel didn't want to fight at all, but if she needed to she would. She knew Indra was nearby and so the odds were in her favour. All of the other wolves were missed for the moment as Laurel's hackles pricked, her body remaining dominant. She hadn't been abandoned by everyone in her life just to be chased out of her own pack; she and Indra would take care of this stupid bitch and make sure she knew her place here.

She felt strengthened by Indra's presence which caused the intensity of her growl to rise in a clear warning — step down or we're both going to rip you apart. To her surprise a fourth wolf arrived, one that she didn't know at all. "Stay the fuck out, this isn't any of your business," Laurel growled at him. Typical guy thing to barge in and try to take charge of a situation, she thought haughtily to himself, but her main attention remained on Xan's girlfriend. All she wanted to do was gang up on her and teach her a lesson on uneven terms; or get her to stand down and get out.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Reigi - February 23, 2018

i literally didn't get a noti for this post lmfao so here's something to get this movin'

she was surprised when her brother came up behind her; his lip pulled back as he stalked towards her.  it strengthened her resolve, and she let out another menacing growl.  

there was no backing down from this.  reigi still did not understand pack hierarchy, and to her this was not about something as arbitrary as rank.

she was allowed to breathe!  she was allowed to exist, and she would not be harassed out of this pack.  not while she had sif, and xan, and akuma and wolves that would play with her and take care of her like blondine did and accompany her like onyx and gwen.

no.  this would not do.

she stuck her face in laurel's face, her lips still peeled back, and continued on with her excessively dominant posturing.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Indra - March 10, 2018

assuming it's ok to skip? i am keeping this vague since i think the main action is laurel/reigi now? 3/18 update: i edited this to reflect what what was discussed OOCly? ping me on disco if this isn't accurate 

indra's gaze swept from the unknown male to the insubordinate and nameless wolf. mistrust and anger welled in her amber eyes. ever since indra had met the mute female, she had been nothing but trouble.

first, by snarling aggressively at her out of jealousy that xan had been interested, and now, by threatening her sister. it was the second offense, the second hostile outburst from reigi.  

indra would not stand for it -- from her perspective , the wolf needed to be punished for her insubordination and unruliness.

reigi's advancement towards them, and her subsequent threatening by posture was too aggressive for indra to allow; she had already given reigi one warning to submit.

unsurprisingly, reigi ignored that command entirely.

 indra, true to the unspoken "or else in her posture moments before, was forced to physically discipline the subordinate.

 indra drove for reigi's flank to discipline the woman -- she would have preferred to lay her teeth across the bridge of reigi's muzzle, but their current positioning made any such motion difficult.

indra's intentions were not to savage the woman, but to firmly reprimand her for her insubordination. if any retreat or submission was meted out, indra's advancement would slake -- but if the woman continued to posture aggressively towards her sister, indra would continue her physical reprimand until the woman either lost, submitted, or ran from them.

RE: this town ain't big enough for the both of us - Laurel - April 04, 2018

i am going to do a fade as OOC discussed, let me know if anything needs changing. sorry if this post is awkward, i am terrible at doing a global fade with pp permission :p

Everything happened so fast all of a sudden. The woman that challenged her did not move but neither did Laurel, so they were at a stand-off. Meanwhile the man that came to the woman's aide was still there being growly while Indra was at Laurel's side. Indra went for the woman then and Laurel was quick to respond. The man went for Indra and meanwhile Laurel fell upon the insubordinate woman. There was a short scuffle in which blows were exchanged but none that really proved to give wounds, until Laurel managed to get hold of the woman's scruff and pushed her to the ground. There was a soft rrrr growl as she let go and then marched off, Indra in tow, hoping to have made her point -- don't mess with us.