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trigger finger - Moorhen - April 16, 2019

Departing from the coast was different, this time. She felt the weight of the distance in her bones in a way that she usually didn't; the swarthy woman chalked it up to having no plans to return. Not for the near future, at least. Eventually, she would go back and find Coelacanth, but the whens and the hows of that plan were still in the works.

For now, she was happy enough to be wandering the wilds, and heading toward Moonspear to boot. She wanted to check in on her friend, and to see if the two had ever found their missing friends.

As she drew nearer, it grew easier and easier to navigate toward the mountain. She knew the scent of their pack, and it seemed their scouts and patrols were rather active in the area. Moorhen moved along the outer borders, assuring herself that @Jarilo was still around before tipping her head back to call for him.

RE: trigger finger - Jarilo - April 16, 2019

Wound up, all strung up tight, he felt like he was in knots too lately as paranoia could just about run him up into the trees. He couldn't rest unless he was exhausted so lately, that was just it. He had to expend, waste it all, or he'd just struggle anyway so when the coastal wolf called out for him, he was not very far away really. Trail dropped, and marking all saved for later, he took off to go meet her--and fast, before his sisters or brothers could get there before him.

Relief brought his ears up when he spotted her, alone, and he barked out a short Moorhen, hey! when he dropped his lope down to a trot now to join up beside her route, his tail waving freely. Briefly he nudged shoulders against her, but wondered more importantly what had her here, as far inland as this and at a weird time when Moonspear's upper echelons seemed so volatile, hence his nerves about everything. Anyway, she still smelled all generally like the coast to him and he savored the unfamiliarity with ease. What's up?

RE: trigger finger - Moorhen - April 23, 2019

Jarilo came along swiftly and on his own - both things were greatly appreciated by the seafaring shewolf. "What's up," she replied, the phrase feeling clumsy in her strong Northern accent. Moorhen decided she would not be using it ever again. "I am just passing by," she went on, hoping to move the conversation away from greetings. She'd never quite gotten the hang of them. "So I came to see you. Do you have your Roofie? And your Yam?"

She was pretty sure that was what Charon had said, anyway.

RE: trigger finger - Jarilo - April 24, 2019

While he had been the first on the scene, he knew better than to let his guard drop prematurely--his family still may not be far, and who knows what curiosities a call for him would stir. Jarilo would rather not find out, not today, and hoped quietly that everyone else was too caught up in something else to keep out of his doings for at least a little while.

Anyway, as for what was up with him, he would rather not delve into the details at length as he moved along. He felt an edge of the wrinkle creep onto his expression at the mere thought, but since she said she came to see him, then asked about the siblings he'd lost, that would help--even if he needed an extra second or two to figure out what Roofie referred to, but when it clicked, he nodded prompt. Revui did come back. Randomly, just out of nowhere. Not Yami, though. he answered on that, on it was at least half good.

Too, it was good she had come to see him. Hopefully he was worth it, he supposed. Winter had hardened up some of his muscles finally, though he stayed lean, just more corded; the very edge of his almost two years seemed to wear nicely enough--especially compared to a scrawnier boy of several months back. Still, he couldn't keep his return all that concise; his subtle excitement over being visited had to vent somewhere. I'm glad you could stop by. It's been a little tense here, I think, but I don't really have a reason to complain.. it's hectic, not bad, he shook his head as to say anyway. He was home, his hunts were good, but everyone's goings on lately made him feel restless and strange as he tried to find his footing too. Where are you headed to? he asked, wondering what drew her inland.