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Something’s missing - Aliac - May 17, 2019

puppies day out @Valiant @Aeryn anyone in Elysium is welcome
She felt all sorts of off as the days went by. The girl couldn’t sleep she could barely eat. Minnow was still missing and her heart aches for her child, but sunny was out there searching for their baby so for the time being she had to watch over the littles ones they had

As the days drew out she noticed her pups growing with more energy as well as a longing to be outside the den. Aliac smiles as she looked at her pups. Who could already stand and walk for the most part. She nudged her kids to follow her as she waited outside the dens entrance. “Come on little ones meet the world.

RE: Something’s missing - Valiant - May 17, 2019

Valiant tumbled out of the den after his mother, tail whipping erratically from side to side. He chattered to her as he bounced along at her heels, not making much sense but clearly enthused by the new development. Even though the light hurt his eyes and there were a million strange things all around them, his joy at the strange outing was palpable.

RE: Something’s missing - Phillip - May 18, 2019

mama!” instead of giving him a boost, the nudge toppled him. he watched his brother burst out the den before stumbling after them. “wait! peas!” being alone was terrible, even if it was for a second. the thought scared him, even more so now that minnow was gone. she just disappeared out of thin air. maybe that would happen to him too, if no one was there to see him.

RE: Something’s missing - Aliac - May 19, 2019

She watched as her pups filed out one by one and she smiled. Her little Aeryn was a little slow as he called out and she waited for him. Valiant came out without a sweat and aliac gave a howl for @Lily or @Khali. Perhaps she could bring her brood to meet the pups. She wished Minnow was here however.

RE: Something’s missing - Lily - May 20, 2019

They made a cute little trio, but Minnow's absence was felt acutely and by all. Lily watched mother and children from the shadows for a moment, letting the bittersweetness of the situation wash over her, before emerging, face set in a smile. @Ziggy and @Lana were with her, but Cam was elsewhere, in his own little world. She really did wish he wouldn't spend so much time alone. . .but what could you do?

Hallo, darlings, Lily greeted, tail wagging as she approached Aliac and gave the new mother a kind touch of her muzzle to the other's cheek. How are you holding up? she asked a little quieter, pulling back to give her sister-by-marriage a benevolent expression. Of all that missed Minnow, Aliac probably missed her little girl the most.

God, Sunny, bring her home! she thought fervently, for the thousandth time that week.

RE: Something’s missing - Aliac - May 30, 2019

Keeping this moving

Lily has popped up with two of her children and she smiled at them. “I’m doing okay just worried.” She didn’t know where sunny or minnow was and it scared her to death but she put on a brave face.

RE: Something’s missing - Valiant - June 02, 2019

While his mother talked with the stranger, Valiant focused his attention on the grass beneath his paws. It was like nothing he'd ever seen or felt before: Cool and alive and sharp-smelling. He buried his nose in it and then rolled onto his back, wiggling into the strange new sensation.

RE: Something’s missing - Lily - June 05, 2019

I'm sure you are, Lily murmured, her face grave. Her eyes lit up at Valiant, clearly enjoying the ground so much, but she felt mostly awestruck that Aliac was able to bear this with a smile. Faking it was more than half the battle, and her packmate had it down. God knew what kind of emotions simmered beneath. . .

Her head canted slightly in query. Can I do anything to help? she asked. If you ever want to bring your boys—and Minnow, when Sunny finds her—over near my den, we can watch all the children together. Takes some of the burden off your shoulders, she added, trying to make her voice kind as possible.

She didn't blame Aliac in the least for the girl's disappearance. How many times had Cam snuck away in a moment of his mother's weakness? Pups were simply hard work and constant vigilance; there was no getting around it.