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Shot out of a cannon - Breccan - July 13, 2019

It would have been easy for Breccan to find a place to call home; he had friends, new and old, who were laying claim to various territories in the region. Ibis, Yami, Bat, and Tristan were on his mind briefly as he continued to travel southeast, but they slipped from his attention as he focused on finding Nuna. The land around him was becoming more familiar as he approached Lost Creek Hollow, and he felt a wave of nostalgia when he spotted its trees in the distance.

He put his nose to the ground and began tracking. He didn't come across anything striking for some time, and worked his way gradually through a thicket and a field of wildflowers. There, on the verge of a valley ringed by steep rocky walls, he caught a whiff of his friend's scent. It was faint, but it was apparent, like she had been here for some time before departing. Breccan frowned. He considered picking his way down the uneven path into the heart of the valley, but something told him he wouldn't find Nuna there.

He was stumped, and his consternation was evident in his face as he considered his options.

RE: Shot out of a cannon - Artyom - July 16, 2019

He set off from the Hollow in pursuit of the deer that settled quietly in the Western reaches of the pack's claim, a group he'd watched with silent patience as they rested for a time. Artyom counted a couple of the previous year's young bucks and fourteen does, some with Spring fawns at their flanks, and a proud stag who stood watch over his harem. His study was from a distance but, when the bull roused his family as morning broke, the hunter was sure to keep them in his sights.

Their travels brought Artyom to a valley that unnerved him. The first thing he noted was the singular entrance, something that immediately made his furs prickle. He didn't like feeling trapped, much preferring the shelter of a vast forest over steep cliffs or rockly slopes. The second thing he noticed was the unsettling stench of predator, a musk he knew to belong to a species far more deadly than his own. Still, Artyom was unwilling to let his herd escape without further study; they could be of use to Lost Creek Hollow and its growing pups.

There was no ay out for the deer but the way they'd come, so the golden wolf hung back to follow his nose tooward the nearest water source. As he veered through an open field of wildflowers, his dark gaze found the tawny figure of a young stranger. He took a moment to observe the yearling's quiet contemplation before he offered a soft woof in greeting to accompany the friendly swish of his pale tail.

RE: Shot out of a cannon - Breccan - July 25, 2019

Breccan was lost in thought for a short while, wondering what could have happened to Nuna and where she might have gone. The possibilities were endless, though, and there wasn't any hard evidence to point him in one direction or another. His frustration was slowly melting into disappointment, and he cast one last glance down into the sheltered valley (where there was, indeed, a herd of deer, but he hadn't paid them much mind) before turning away.

As he shifted, there was a sound of greeting from nearby, and the pale-furred figure of another wolf simultaneously appeared in Breccan's peripheral vision. The other male's personal scent was unfamiliar, but he smelled faintly of wolves that Breccan knew -- specifically Terance. This guy must be from Lost Creek Hollow.

"Hey," he said, moving to close the gap between them. "You from the hollow?"

RE: Shot out of a cannon - Artyom - July 28, 2019

The young wolf veered Artyom's way, moving in to close the gap between them. He lifted his muzzle and offered another friendly sweep of his plush tail, content to see that he bore no irritation toward him for being disturbed.

His words surprised him, and his ears pricked forward. He inhaled deeply, testing the air for any sign that this tawny yearling may belong to the Hollow as he himself did, but found nothing. Artyom frowned thoughtfully; how familiar might this boy be with Terance's pack? "I am," he confirmed, and questioned: "are you from around here?"

RE: Shot out of a cannon - Breccan - July 30, 2019

The first thing Breccan noticed when the other wolf spoke was his accent. He spoke clearly, but his words were heavily laced with a distinctly unfamiliar diction. It made him wonder where he had hailed from originally; obviously it wasn't the hollow, because no one else there sounded like that, and besides, Breccan would have known him if he had been with the pack for more than just a short time.

"Yeah, I actually grew up in the hollow. My family moved away from there a little while ago, though," he replied; it was the simplest way to explain the Frostfurs' departure. "Do you like it?" he asked, the question well-meaning. Although Rannoch and Liffey had left on bad terms with Terance and Treason, Breccan held no ill wishes toward his parents' former friends. He just didn't think of Lost Creek Hollow as home -- and, to be honest, nowhere really felt like home to him.

"I'm Breccan," he added as an afterthought, before their conversation progressed too far without introductions.