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The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - January 26, 2020

Backdated to the 18!!

Prey had become recently short-lived. At least where she had wandered. Maybe Holly just wasn't looking in the right places. Lately, she had relinquished to breaking the ice and carefully fishing. Precautions always had to be set in place when she got hungry enough to retire to the waterway. Such as only breaking the ice near something she could grab onto in the case of emergency.

Today that was unnecessary. Today Holly had managed to catch a somewhat plump turkey, and she was extremely happy with her kill. But she knew if others were having the same luck as her, others would want some of the kill too. One wolf she would allow, but any more would be denied even a nibble. Plucking the breast, Holly made it to the point where it was ready to feast upon before turning her gaze away from her surroundings and to the ground instead.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 13, 2020


Oliver was searching for a meal as well, but he wasn't having much luck. His last meal had been scavenged from the carcass of an old, sick deer that had succumbed to the winter cold, but that had been several days ago. Hunger was once again grawing at his insides. He knew he had to find something soon before he too became too weakened to survive the harsh winter.

The scent trail led him to a lone female with a large, plucked turkey between her paws. Oliver paused for a moment as he considered his options. The girl didn't look so tough; if he couldn't convince her to share with him perhaps he could just steal it from her. Could he be that much of an asshole? If it meant he wouldn't have to go hungry.

He decided his best course of action would be to appeal to her empathy. It was always smart to avoid violence when possible. He adopted a submissive posture and put on his saddest puppydog face. "Excuse me, miss," he said politely. "I've been travelling for days and I'm quite hungry. Could you spare some scraps for a poor stray mongrel?"

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 13, 2020

As she was only halfway done with her precious meal another wolf appeared from the brush. He wanted to know if she would spare anything and while his face said 'I'm kind as could be', what also lingered was this fake attribute to it. Almost like he was trying too hard, or that he didn't just want to share. But Holly was not the kind to deny a starving wolf a morsel of her fine meal.

She drew her gaze over mottled black coat and his skinny composure, he was obviously truly struggling; that he was not lying about. Taking her sapphire eyes and meeting his, much brighter, yellow ones she spoke. "And who are you?" she said, sitting now. Her tail wrapped around her flank as she placed a paw on top of her remaining feast. Putting forward her decision; answer a few questions and you can have it.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 14, 2020

He observed her body language. She was sitting with her tail wrapped around her body, with one paw placed over the food as if guarding it from him. She maintained eye contact when she spoke to him and her voice was confident. Clearly she didn't feel threatened by him, but she wasn't naive enough to trust a stranger completely. He'd have to earn her confidence.

Oliver did not approach her just yet. He would remain where he was until she seemed more comfortable with his presence. He didn't want to screw up his chances by being too pushy. "Oh, heh, sorry," he chuckled nervously. He'd been so preoccupied with the desire to eat that he'd forgotten to introduce himself. "My name's Oliver. I'm new in the area."

He wondered what kind of impression he was making oh the girl. He was aware that his fur was looking scruffy and unkempt, and he worried that his appearance might put her off. She was a rather pretty young lady, and that further compounded his anxiety. She hadn't told him to get lost, so he took that as a sign that she was open to giving him a chance. "What's your name?" He asked her.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 14, 2020

The man apologized politely and introduced himself as Oliver. Holly nodded and dipped her head in a courtly manner, something that seemed to be becoming a habit of hers. "A pleasure Oliver. Welcome to Teekon." She greeted kindly. Usually, a smile would be plastered on her face, but this wolf had approached (most likely) for only her food. Because of this, she had to be mature and more cautious around the stranger. 

What's your name? "My name is Holly." Even though she was trying to be halfway serious, there was a visible turn-up of her lip as she tried not to smile. Her almost-grin going on for only a few beats before she recomposed herself. After giving him time to acknowledge this (or respond if he wanted), she spoke again. "Where did you come from Oliver?" the question seeped from her jaws, her voice was strong and confident. If this man wanted food, he would not get it thinking she was just a weak lady.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 14, 2020

Sensing the ease in tension, Oliver started to relax. "Thanks Holly, but the pleasure's all mine," he replied with a smile. The second he blurted out his response, he started to second guess himself. Was he coming on too strong? Was he being creepy? One thing Oliver had come to understand about girls was they didn't like it when guys tried too hard to impress them.

He hoped she didn't notice his awkwardness. "I came from a place called the Spirit River Valley, far to the Southwest. I grew up there." He answered. He wondered if she knew of this place. Many packs had staked a claim to different parts of the valley; his clan made their home in the Blackmane Thicket. Wouldn't it be a neat coincidence if she, too, hailed from the valley?

"But the time comes for all young wolves to leave home, so a couple weeks ago I picked up and left." It wasn't entirely true that Oliver had left of his own volition, but Holly didn't need to know that. Oliver winced at the memory of the final confrontation that had led to his father kicking him out. If only his mother had been around, she would have protected him.

"Anyway, that's enough about me, tell me about yourself," Oliver said, eager to change the subject. "Oh, um, would you mind if I came and sat with you?"

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 14, 2020

Earlier Holly had thought that the man had been faking his kindness, and while that opinion still stood so did another: he wasn't just a senseless beggar. Oliver seemed to be kind enough, well put together just not well kept. Although he did come off as nervous and a current try-hard she shook it off, knowing the feeling. The shadow then started to explain his past, he was new to being alone in the world. At this Holly nodded, silently acknowledging and noting everything he said. The man then turned the subject onto her and she opened her mouth to speak, Oliver interrupting to ask if he could come and sit with her.

Holly tilted her head to the side a bit and looked at the sky as if she was pondering, but it was obvious by the smile that had shown up on her face and her over contemplating gestures that she was simply joking. She remained for a beat before turning back and gazing into the man's eyes. "Of course you can silly!" she jested lightly, hoping her joke passed well and he hadn't taken offense. She still moved the meal back a bit though, placing it closer to her body as her paw remained firmly on top. Once Oliver appeared comfortable enough, Holly inquired: "Now what is it you would like to know about me?"

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 15, 2020

For a second, Oliver actually thought Holly was about to laugh at him for even suggesting such a thing. He imagined she must be thinking "Pfft, sure you can sit with me, loser, in your dreams!" He braced himself for the rejection he thought was coming.

But Holly surprised him by giving him a smile and inviting him to sit. So the dramatic pause was just her messing with him?

Oliver chuckled. "You got me," he said sheepishly. He stepped closer and seated himself in front of her. He noticed she pulled the food closer to her, but now he was more interested in her than he was in eating. He'd never spoken at length with a girl before.

"Well, are you from around here?" He asked. That seemed like a good enough place to start.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 15, 2020

Well, are you from around here? Holly gave off an exhausted laugh as if even the thought made her tired. "No no" she chuckled, shaking her head while she was speaking. "I am from a place far west from here, outside of Teekon." the lady answered, recomposed.

She made the decision to leave it at that unless asked to delve deeper. Holly wouldn't mind, it was just she figured the other didn't care about her past. "Anything else ya wanna know?" the flaxen woman asked; happy to answer any further questions.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 15, 2020

"So, you're out here on your own?" he asked. Oliver couldn't fathom anyone, let alone a pretty young female, deciding to leave the comfort and safety of their home for their own reasons. Even though he'd been on the bottom rung of the ladder, Oliver missed the relatively comfortable life being part of a pack provided him. Not to mention the food.

Holly seemed to be not only surviving on her own, but thriving. She'd caught herself a meal and she looked to be in great shape. Oliver was a mess. Even under favorable circumstances, he usually looked like a mess, but now he really was a mess. Before he'd met Holly, he'd been wandering on his own for weeks unable to catch anything that wasn't already dead. He'd made an attempt to steal a half-eaten rabbit carcass from a group of ravens and they had beat him up. Fucking birds beat him up. To be fair, he had been outnumbered.

"Do you have any advice for a dude struggling to make it on his own?" he inquired.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 15, 2020

Oliver seemed to be stunned as he asked her if she was alone which made her think that he thought she couldn't do anything but she decided to let the misinterpretation slide. "Yes I am alone" she responded kindly with a nod. To her surprise, the dark man then asked for advice and her stunned reaction probably showed. But soon she collected herself, he is new to this she reminded herself as grin snuck up on her muzzle.

"C'mon stick with me and I'll help ya out!" the phoenix called to the man once she was standing. "I'm traveling east if that's alright!" Holly spoke right before she picked up the rest of the turkey and tossed it in front of her new friend. "Eat up."

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 15, 2020

The prevailing attitude toward females in his pack was that they were simply not as capable as males, mostly due to differences in size and strength. Oliver had not internalized this belief, at least not to the extent that others had. His mother had been just as capable as any of his male relatives, although she'd been hindered by other's expectations of her and her own doubts about herself. Maybe if he hadn't been as close to her, Oliver would have turned out just like his douchebag brothers.

Oliver grinned at Holly's enthusiasm. "Awesome!" he exclaimed. He greedily devoured what was left of the food. "Let's go!"

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Holly - February 15, 2020

Do you want me to make us another thread? :)

Holly was glad to see that the man seemed almost, if not as excited as she was to travel together. So far, the two seemed like a well enough match. He ate all the remaining food before agreeing to set off with the flaxen woman. It had been a while since she had been with company for more than a hunting trip such as the one with Fennec, she would have to stay conscious of her friend now.

When traveling, another can be both a blessing and a curse, depends on the way your trip goes. Holly hoped that Oliver would be a good thing in her journey, for both his and her sake. She had no more words to say, so she nodded and took off in the direction she had been heading previously; trusting that her newfound friend was following.

RE: The falling of our feet and it sounds like drumming - Oliver - February 16, 2020

(Sure :))

Oliver could hardly believe his good fortune. After weeks of wandering alone, a chance encounter had led to what was shaping up to be a promising friendship. He recalled all the times his brother had taunted him about being "too much of a sissy" to talk to girls. If only that idiot could see him now.

Seemingly unable to contain her enthusiam any longer, Holly took off running. Oliver wondered if he was going to be able to keep up. "Hey, wait up!" he called out as he bounded after her.