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06. Game Management - WOLF - June 01, 2021

Wolf is run by a team of Community Managers who handle the programming, maintenance, and policy enforcement on the board.  For more information, you can read the team breakdown and/or the CM Handbook.
Moderators also assist with maintenance but do not have access to the Admin Panel or staff areas of the site.  Their main role is to keep an eye on all site spaces and correct and/or report infractions when they occur.  For more information, you can read the team breakdown and/or the Mod Handbook.

Staff Communication

Any and all staff communication should happen within the following locations:
  • Help Desk - General inquiries
  • Maintenance - "Housekeeping" requests
  • Bug Reports - Technical issues
  • Contact the Staff - Private discussions with the CM team, form submissions
  • Use of the “Report” feature - Bring a post to staff attention if it breaks our guidelines

If you need to reach out to a single member of staff privately, please use the PM system on the board. The team tends to lurk on discord without devoting their full attention to Wolf; pings on there, either privately or within threads, cannot receive our full attention most of the time and run a high likelihood of getting lost.

In addition, any staff feedback should be given in the Contact the Staff space or via direct PM.  If you have a problem with any policy or any member of the team, please reach out to one/all of us directly.  Threads created in the public space will be archived and ignored.  Discussions and suggestions are fine, but public criticism of any member, regardless of site role, is in direct violation of our courtesy guidelines.