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Follow the Voice - Sandulf - September 14, 2022

Red Foot paws fell into the grooves of green grass. Though he was careful to tip over the rocks that peppered the landscape. Yellow eyes on the distant horizon, he hummed the bird songs under his breath. It had been some time since he had sang, but he did enjoy the sound, the cadence and rhythm of music on his tongue and throat. His little brother enjoyed noise from things, rivers, grasses, the swish of feet. Sandulf himself enjoyed music for music's sake. The voices uplifted in praise or happiness or even sadness.

His throaty hum, probably scared away the birds, though he saw a few killdeer's bobbing up and down and rushing through the tall grasses. Soon enough all the birds would be leaving, the area would be cold and barren until spring was upon them again. It was what it was. Sandulf finally found a spot to simply rest and he stood in contemplative silence, looking out over the land.

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - September 22, 2022

the serenity of the space, the melodiousness of the songbirds, was broken up by a loud, long, fart.

diesel yawned, stretching her toes, her meaty legs emerging from out behind a large stone. it was a good napping spot for when the fall winds blew, as it shielded her skimpy coat from the discarded razor sharp cold, but jesus shit did it ruin the spine.

she rolled onto her back, attempting to shimmy herself into another comfortable position, but the warmth she'd built up was already gone. the bitch grunted, displeased, and let her folds roll over her face, as a built-in sleep mask, intent to continue her nap.

she snorted, followed by another release of gas, for good measure.

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - September 22, 2022

The noise that reached is ears was not pleasant, but it was nothing for the smell that pervaded after. Rotten eggs, rotten meat, disgusting and foul. He sneezed and sneezed again. Ears slicked back to his skull and tail tucked tightly between his legs, what the actual....was his only coherent thought before he shifted and looked around again. Trying to find the culprit.

Do I really want too though? was his only thought after that.

Sandulf heard another noise and then he gagged, And buried his face into his leg. Nose down, rubbing it up and down. Every so often, his tongue would loll out and you could see his throat working, but no sound came out, other than a twisted look on his face as he tried to vomit and couldn't.

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - September 23, 2022

the sneezes were registered by the waking part of her brain. the dog punctuated each with a full body twitch, wrinkles rippling from tail to face, like lakewater after a tossed pebble.

it was enough to stir her awake. diesel groaned as she rolled onto her side, stretching her legs anew.

who the fuck...?

smacking her flews, the mastiff folded her limbs and laid on her belly, blinking dumbly at the empty, rock-pimpled fields beneath her. the stone she'd picked jutted out of a bump of a hill, and slightly shielded her from the heavens, hiding whatever was on the hill from her view.

and maybe she was having trouble determining direction, but the bitch thought the noises came from right above her.

with a thunderous - albeit audibly drowsy - bark, she craned her head up and yelled two words;


RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - September 24, 2022

Sandulf lifted his head and glimpsed a horrific creature upon a rock. He took a step back, trying so very hard to school his expression and calm his heavy beating heart and mind his manners as his mother had taught him, but he couldn't quite get there. he quickly turned his head away. Calculating how long it would take him to get away from the, thing on the rock.

Then it spoke and all reason left his mind. If he understood her correctly, he stared in reproach. How Rude, really.

He shifted. I beg your pardon? He drawled.

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - September 24, 2022

she craned her neck to look at the fuckshit who was now arguing with her, and after a single peek sultry saxophones began blaring in her brain.

he was this... big, dark, kind of redheaded guy, with long, long legs that went alllll the way up, and a... extremely attractive scar on his muzzle. very sexy tail. sort of, primpy-looking, but she knew the clean ones could get the dirtiest.

diesel was openly staring, slack-jawed and excessively drooling.

that lasted a moment.

a long moment.

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - September 25, 2022

The beast had moved and he saw she was some sort of canine. Her face rended open and drool dripping to puddle at her muddy paws. He titled his head.

He shifted uncomfortable with her staring, but unsure what to say.

He swallowed and spoke softly. I'm sorry if I disturbed your uh beauty sleep. I hadn't meant too.

He tilted an ear forward.

I'm dying at the imagery lmao

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - September 28, 2022

beauty sleep?! oh you salt-lipped tequila-tongued...

diesel slapped her jaw shut. "hh, nooo issue... none at all." she said as she rose. she took a long, loooong moment to stretch herself into a bow, maintaining eye contact with the man all the while.

her arched brow twitched up with each pop of her vertebras.

"hhh, no, no, i jusht, uhh..." the bitch licked her whiskers. "lookin' hor shome hriendshih hor the day~"

a sleazy smile spread across her wrinkles.

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - September 28, 2022

Sandulf was uncomfortable immediately and resolutely, but his good breeding and polite manners won out. So he kept himself from looking down at her horrified. As she continued to stare into his eyes, his heart began to fall somewhere near the vicinity of his stomach and he briefly wondered if she would attack him for untoward reasons and how was he going to get out of this.

Her next words and he was immediately backpedaling in his mind. No, nope, definitely not, how fast can I run? Can she catch me? Should i turn my back to her? Can you r**e a man?

He frowned. and spoke. A friend, only for a day? Wouldn't more lasting pursuits of friendship be the goal?

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - October 01, 2022

the brute was as certain as the day was blue, that this man was head over paws into her. it would only be logical, as she was an example of quality and quantity, both provided by her moist, saggy aspects.

so, she advanced. in a walk that was meant as seductive and elegant - but was more akin to a particularly sultry snail crawl - diesel got out of her napping spot, and thrust herself chest-first at the male, like a jenna to his balto*
"khh-khh-khh." her giggle was not pleasant. "i don't need a horever hriend, jusht a shomehne to kill ti'e hith..." her paw attempted to reach up and pat his soft, broad, muscular chest.

"you in a hurry, ginger?"

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - October 01, 2022

Sandulf's ears hit his skull and he immediately was on absolutely guard. She slithered across the rock like a snake, with bette davis eyes, though they were more like large cartoonish strange eyes, and he was breaking out in a doggish cold sweat, because his mother had never prepared him for this.

As she slid all along him, brushing his chest and his shoulders, staring up at him with those strange, strange eyes. He was suddenly very much in a hurry.

But what was he to do. He put a smile on his scarred visage and slowly backed up and extricated himself from her and spoke, his voice as light as he could make it, with a serious edge. 

I could never sully such a fascinating woman as yourself with, with such crude advances. You deserve to be won and spoiled and songs written about you. Your eh beauty is incarnate.

He bowed his head and spoke softly. I'm just not good enough for you I'm afraid mam and my good conscious would never allow me to use you in such a way. So I must apologize, but I must go and quickly, before I sully such a pristine, elegant lady as yourself.

I'm cackling at Sandy......too much sir...too much... hahah

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - October 01, 2022

it was a bit disappointing when his chest left her pawpads. her eyes climbed up him instead, until she had to crane her head to look him in the eye, as he lip-shat the sweetest words the mastiff'd ever heard.

to her, he was a snake oil salesman, and she a seventy-two years old woman who refused to see a doctor because facebook said the statoscope would suck out her soul. there were no words to describe how fully she fell for his every syllable. sometime halfway trough it, diesel was hyuck-hyuck giggling, intertwining her toes and twisting her legs.

[Image: goofy-shy.gif]

"awww, you're jusht shaying that." she threw back one floppy ear with her paw, grinning. "hoh hany girlsh get this shheech too, hm?" but it was fully a joke; she was already into it. 

she leaned in again.

"you know, i don't dishcrihinate..." she drawled, eyes warm with flattery taken. "ih you're not too shelh-conchioush to get it uh, we can shtill..." she reached out a paw to touch him again.

her tongue rolled out to lick her lips, as she side-eyed a nearby boulder.

i am so sorry for everything she is

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - October 01, 2022

She continued to stare. Sandy was hot beneath his fur and wamted away so quickly. He was sure she had wonderful qualities. Looks weren't everything, but she juat rubbed him the wrong way really.

I could never. He smiled kindly. You deserve someone better than me who will love everything about you. So i really muat decline.

He was extracating himself further, and poised to walk away as quick as manners could dictate.

i love her 

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - October 01, 2022

diesel was hot too, albeit far, far further south than he. she bit her lip, looking him up and down and over again, in a manner in which a human might undress another with their eyes, albeit her own peepers did something more akin to conscious flaying.

she snorted, loud and long.

and sighed. "i shee hoh it ish." 

diesel now placed a paw as near ginger's shoulder as she could reach, and with a solemn expression began to state what they both knew.

"you're shtuhhed at hy... exotic... unique... ahheal." for each word she angled her head a different way, like in a vogue photoshoot. "ish huhhling, i know. hoor you, can't e'en get your liitle hoy ready to hlay." she looked mournfully towards his hindlegs. 

"i undershand." diesel patted him. "you'll need a hew daysh to hrah your head around thish. hut hen you do..."

she stepped away, so that she wouldn't need to strain her neck to look at his butter-meltingly hot face.

"...you can hind hee in the shame shhot." the mastiff smiled, and gave him a barbeque saucy wink.

RE: Follow the Voice - Sandulf - October 01, 2022

omg.....wheezes......i can't.....

Sandy was unsure what she was doing with her eyes, but it was uncomfortable. Akin to a large toad staring at him while he ate a frog or some other such nonsense.

Her next words his ruff flew up and he stared at her with gentle reproach. He absolutely could get it up if he really wanted to, it was rather easy, truthfully. But he just couldn't with her.

Sandy gave her a smile. Of course you understand. A lady such as yourself. I will take a few days and uh..wrap my head around it.

He bowed his head, and gave her a gentleman's kiss along her paw. He would then take his leave and book it. His mind would come back to this though in  afew days and wonder what the actual hell.

RE: Follow the Voice - Gun - October 01, 2022

when he gave her large paw a real gentleman's kiss, diesel decided.

she was going to someday fuck this man, be it the last thing she ever did.

smitten still, she had no words to say at parting, besides a consistent stream of droll and panting. in truth, she hated to see him leave...

... but by god, she loved to watch him go.