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acedia - Lestan - September 23, 2022

maybe mg wolves? <3

lestan was intrigued about the visitors. the main woman at least spoke a similar language to their ranks, and they all seemed to know one another.
the man carried a rabbit to cache, his soft honeyblue eyes alight and watchful for any sign of their guests.

RE: acedia - Aiolos - September 25, 2022

The seafarer went to the river. He hadn't the chance to last winter, though had instead hunted in the waters off the glacier. Though their main drive was to the herds, Aiolos found pleasure in fishing in different waters he had not before. 

Hoisting up a trout, Aiolos sought out to place it within a cache for his allies, following the scent of Lestan's fresh rabbit. He woofs out through his mouthful when he draws near.

RE: acedia - Lestan - October 06, 2022

he was a great red man! he smelled of the distant mountains and his eyes were sharp. the amaguk came at once to find the moonglow wolf, and gave a good-spirited nod.
he gestured for the other to follow, revealing the nearest larder. "here we go!" he exclaimed as he set down the rabbit. "i am lestan mayfair. are you the one called sun man?"

RE: acedia - Aiolos - October 27, 2022

The young wolf before him was of deep agouti color of dark rock and rich earth. He was filled with a brightness and energy at the sight of the large red man. It brought a stirring of excitement within Aiolos, who's auburn tail flashes up and a smile on his face as he follows after the other wolf. 

Thank you. He spoke then as he rested the fish where directed. Stepping back and sitting, he nods. Yes I am, though Aiolos works fine just as well. He offered, should the other wolf instead prefer to call Aiolos by his name. However, the name of 'Sun Man' over the years had become even a sort of nickname then just a title.

Have you had the opportunity yet at the herds with any of our hunters? They had all come here to hunt them together as a unit and was curious if all was going well.

RE: acedia - Lestan - October 27, 2022

lestan shook his head. "no, aiolos. not yet!" it felt odd to call the man by his first name. "i have a herd i have been tracking. deer, however, not caribou."
was he rambling? lestan cleared his throat.
"i would be happy to learn from you today."

RE: acedia - Aiolos - November 23, 2022

Its settled then. Aiolos speaks with a nod of his creamy muzzle. Lead the way. He offered and with it, took a side step so that the younger wolf might guide him. 

Having been just fishing, it was a game of patience and precision and standing crouched over the water for a long time before the fish got used to you and came too near. Running with the deer would stretch his tight legs. 

Your leader, Kigipigak, had been the one to teach me much of hunting herds. He spoke honestly. Before I had become Moonglow, I lived much of my life on the coast. Not a place herds often kept.

RE: acedia - Lestan - December 07, 2022

lestan looked at the hale, handsome man who had been cast in sunlight. aiolos was very handsome. it was clear that his wife thought so as well! he had seen moonglow defer to the sun man and knew he would automatically do the same.
the mention of kigipigak brought his ears up. "i have been teaching his son, kivaluk, to track. what is the sea like? what did you hunt there?" and all the while lestan sank into the underbrush, eyes scanning for the faint deer-trails.

RE: acedia - Aiolos - December 24, 2022

Aiolos kept in happy stride with the younger wolf, watching him and following his movements as he kept low. Aiolos would pause, his amber attention following the gaze of Lestan, taking note of the tracks on the ground and the direction in which they went. 

Aiolos only watched and further learned, remembering the things which Kigipigak had shown him as well. The first time, they had hunted along the regions of their home. Aiolos was not any where near as impressive on the mountain slopes as he was out at sea. 

Many things, Aiolos began as he thought, From as large as sea lions to as small as crab and clam. Fish and seals and even sea otter. If your luck, you might come across great large beasts washed up on shore. Far too large to carry to your homes, yet enough meat that all which live on the coast can feast upon for weeks! He spoke with a fond smile and wagging of his tail.

RE: acedia - Lestan - December 26, 2022

aiolos' proud voice told lestan of many things. first that the man loved his home. second that he loved the sea. the mayfair saw it; the man ran with wolves of north and snow but the ocean was in his coat and his tones.
he named many beasts of the salt; lestan saw fit to grab all the words! to save them, for if he himself ever went so far. the tracker found his mark: a pair of does, walking slowly. he and aiolos could take one, he supposed. 
"maybe i'll go. one day."

RE: acedia - Aiolos - January 08, 2023

Aiolos nodded, though spoke not again for the time being as Lestan honed in on more deer tracks. They smelt more fresh and there appeared to be two sets. 

Aiolos remained at the younger wolf's side, awaiting further instruction.

RE: acedia - Lestan - January 10, 2023

he led the sun man along a short and pungent track, then drew up. a buck and three does, and none of them seemed injured or sick.
lestan frowned a little in consternation but decided to press forward. the herd was in a small clearing; the mayfair drew a breath and then dashed toward the small group with a bark, testing them.

RE: acedia - Aiolos - February 10, 2023

Aiolos followed suit, honing on any which would be the best to take down. Culling the herd of the weak, sick, injured or aged. In this little group there was none so it would be left to fate to decide which made a mistake, which tripped up or hesitated. 

The Sun Man followed suit, pushing forward and fanning out, snapping jaws and snarling at the herd. They began to run, Aiolos followed. They began to fan out too, which would Lestan choose?

RE: acedia - Lestan - February 16, 2023

they did not scatter, the mark of a weaker herd. the animals clumped together and ran as one, keeping sides and flanks guarded.
lestan ran alongside, keeping pace and swerving from time to time to snap teeth, testing them further.
perhaps aiolos might know a tactic to split the determined beasts!

RE: acedia - Aiolos - February 18, 2023

Aiolos knew not one. 

Instead, he did the same as Lestan. Going for the same doe he went for, Aiolos kept towards the front end, just ahead of Lestan. Whenever the other went forward and snapped, Aiolos hung back. Whenever Lestan backed off, Aiolos went forward. 

Without being able to get on the other side of The deer, the herd ran together and choosing a target on the outskirts of the herd was their own option. Hopefully, with enough small, quick bites to the animals legs and side, it would tire enough for them to begin to surround and strike their target from both sides.

RE: acedia - Lestan - February 22, 2023

the red wolf may have not known tactics, but he moved with a surety that lestan did not have! through the efforts of the moonglow wolf, the mayfair cut one of the does away from the herd. she ran, panicked, and he pursued, woofing once to aiolos to announce their pursuit.
it was anyone's bet how they would end up.

RE: acedia - Aiolos - March 07, 2023

Aiolos lacked in the stocky, bulkiness of many of the northern men and its warriors. He was not made of a thin, leanness that carried him sheer and swift. But Aiolos had stamina. One which outmatched many. The great tides of Sea had given him this. 

When Lestan was able to separate the doe, Aiolos turned fast, on the heels of the doe in but moments. He would not tire. Not yet. And so Aiolos would be patient and time his strikes right, so that they would cut deep into the hocks and meaty thighs of the deer's back legs as she tried to outrun him. Fate seemed to favor the wolves side now.

RE: acedia - Lestan - March 18, 2023

eventually their conflict ended in blood and wailing and success. together they dragged it harshly down and ended the hapless life.
mouth dripping; eyes glowing, lestan panted in the direction of the sun man. "well done!" he cried in adulation, tail waving happily. "we have so much here; what a bounty!"

RE: acedia - Aiolos - March 18, 2023

That we did! Aiolos speaks out between heavy panting, the adrenaline in him during the long run already fading, catching up to him. 

After a few moments, We should call those near to feast and carry back the rest. Lifting his head up, Aiolos calls those of the joined packs for another autumn feast.

RE: acedia - Lestan - March 24, 2023

fading! <3

his voice joined that of the moonglow man.
they would eat! they would thrive, and he was thrilled.