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alloyment - Tavina - March 13, 2023

please let @Nala post first! then it is aw to anyone who might like to come upon the wives <3 this is backdated to mar 1st

they set out from the palace with makono's blessing.

and outside akashingo, in a passionate rush, tavina had sought to quiet for now the ravening of her wife's body.

"now," she said, rolling upright with a breathless and giddy grin, "let us go and find some poor man easily fallen to your many charms, nala."

RE: alloyment - Nala - March 13, 2023

rings a cowbell

she laughed!

warm, but nervous.

she had only ever known tavina and the thought of another lit her nerves ablaze. perhaps not helped by the season! so she sought to fill her mind with humor now.

i will sing songs of Hathor and she will bring the right one to us! one who is charmed by the worship of her. one who will know his importance is only here — and not after.

this still felt strong in!

RE: alloyment - Callum - March 14, 2023

Callum was still scouting the mountains, really hoping to find a pack here to join, when he caught the scent of the wolves, smelling of others. His ears perked up, hopeful, thinking he’d found a pack. He approached the scent but soon the two who brought it came into view and he smelled no pack lines so his tail half drooped. That was until he smelled the heat scent.

Instantly he was drawn in again. He approached them slowly as one of them sang, the one in heat. He dipped his head and made a friendly noise in greeting.

RE: alloyment - Tavina - March 14, 2023

nala spoke of singing. "you bring me music every day," tavina said, reaching to kiss her wife. she was glad they were aligned on this, the absence of a man who would take the role of father.

it was no time at all before nala's alluring perfume drew a man, a muscular and striking wolf. tavina eyed him before she turned back to her wife. "do you want me to stay, nala? or only stay close?"

she would maul a male for roughness, but she would not insist upon her presence so close unless it was also a desire shared by her mate.

RE: alloyment - Nala - March 14, 2023


her voice a gently choked whisper for her wife alone. full of the electricity of her nerves.

after all, she still held fears. her, but a dog, about to contend with a wolf. a thing of greater size and strength.

and now she must face him! a tentative smile on her face and a soft sway of her tail.

has Hathor sent you for me? her voice attempted something warmer and welcoming now.

RE: alloyment - Callum - March 14, 2023

Callum was unfamiliar with the term, but he could sense it was some sort of spiritual figure. “I do not believe we have the same beliefs but perhaps, i do not really know how the things like that work.” He said kindly and truthfully. “I am Callum.” He said, offering his name.

RE: alloyment - Tavina - March 16, 2023

tavina will be skippable unless nala tags her!

so she would stay. her glinting wife turned to meet this man and something like jealousy came over tavina.

but it was not, not so truly.

she backed some feet away from the murmur of their voices and settled herself, offering nala a smile if she looked back in the sesh's direction.

RE: alloyment - Nala - March 18, 2023

she had no interest in names. perhaps that showed in the coy smile she gave him when he introduced himself.

they work in — wonders. grand and glorious. she said these things for the favor of both of them. a siren song for him, a lullaby for herself.

do you intend to learn how?

she wished in hidden ways for this to be done with as soon as possible.

RE: alloyment - Callum - March 18, 2023

"if you want me to, I could learn." Callum said, not really sure what she wanted

RE: alloyment - Nala - March 18, 2023

did he not know why he was here?

she blinked softly.

did he not like her, perhaps? too domestic in all the ways he was wild? or perhaps he did not like her wife sitting to the side, or perhaps...

i have use for a man. she stated bluntly now. stay or go. it will only be for this moment, either way.

RE: alloyment - Callum - March 18, 2023

"Yes- I know that. I wasn't sure what you were asking. Er, should we... dance?" Callum suggested, saying he knew what she was asking.

RE: alloyment - Nala - March 18, 2023



she had never seen a man dance before, but in this he showed he was willing. so she smiled, soft and warm.

come, and she welcomed him only as long as necessary. prepared to call upon @Tavina if he lingered afterwards.

RE: alloyment - Callum - March 19, 2023

When everything was done Callum dipped his head and offered the girl a smile. “Good luck in your endeavors. I hope all is well for you.” He said and he headed off.

RE: alloyment - Tavina - March 23, 2023

it was over, though not as swiftly as she would have liked.

tavina had not watched. she reached to clean the man's scent from nala's withers. "well. shall we find another?"

her tone was teasing.