01. ESSENTIAL — Site Policies
January 15, 2017, 06:51 PM
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Nudge/Strike System

When rules are broken on WOLF, it will be handled one of two ways.

Nudges (Players)

To decrease administrative policing and to give members more power over their preferences, the nudge system should be used for minor infractions. Some examples include: skipping the post order, minor power-play or meta-gaming and refusal to embrace consequences of a situation.

These nudges are not meant to be a punishment and shouldn't be given as such. They are a way for members to mentor one another in what it means to roleplay well. They also provide a reference point for players to judge site preference when it comes to certain actions or situations (e.g. realism, meta-gaming, etc.).

Strikes (Admins)

Strikes are reserved for extreme circumstances and are given by the admin team. Some examples of strike-able situations include: extreme OOC discourtesy or bullying, bypassing blocks or ignores, repeated nudges for similar behavior with inability to learn/try to correct mistakes, abusing the nudge system, or harassing other members for nudges given.

Players who receive 3 strikes will be banned from WOLF.
These should not be given often, since WOLF is a community and players are expected to be mature to one another while participating. Players who cannot get along and play respectfully with the rest of the membership ruin the fun for all involved. Accumulating three strikes is the only way to receive a ban from the game, and each strike will be explained in full to allow for correction in the future.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!

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