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The pups are coming. Not a month or a week or an hour from now, but right now. He's running as fast as he can, but his legs won't carry him fast enough. It's like running through sand and water, and he will never reach the den in time.

It's too soon, Amber whispers, and her blue eyes are wide and watery. He tries to answer, but all his breath is spent on running, and when he opens his mouth he can only struggle to draw his next breath. So he closes it, and Amber screams. It's too soon! she says, and her eyes are accusing, betrayed.

He opens his mouth again, but a wicked wind sweeps away all the air, and Amber along with it. He turns back, prepared to chase after her, only to come face-to-face with a blood red den.

Cutie? he calls, almost afraid to raise his voice. Something is in there.

Something is in there. With his woman, with his pups. He surges forward before he can stop himself, and they're all dead but a red girl with green eyes.

She stares up at him, blind as a newborn, but with knowledge - dark and deep - in every line of her young face. Her mouth opens, but the voice he hears - Daddy comes from all around him, and not from his tiny daughter. Daddy the voice says again, and he looks around but no one is there, and when he looks back, his red girl is bleeding, thick and fast.

No! he cries, and the red girl cries DADDY!. And Day tries, but when he cleans the wound, it only gets deeper, and his baby is shrieking in pain, and bits of fur and flesh taste sour in his mouth. Everything is red, is redder and redder until it's so red it's black. And his girl isn't moving, she can't even scream -

He steps back, and Steady is lying in front of him, half-eaten and covered in flies.

You killed him, his red girl accuses, in the body of a child but with the voice of a woman. You killed him so you could have me.

No, I didn't mean to! he argues, but he feels caught, feels cornered. You're my daughter, he goes on, his voice weak. But the red girl only laughs, and laugh and laughs until he can't take it anymore, and he lunges for her throat even as, in the waking world, his body rockets forward with an angry shout.

Day blinks the sleep out of his eyes, panting as if he's run for miles.

"Addie?" he calls, hhis voice rough and broken.

But she's not there.
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