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June 10, 2018, 09:51 PM
Lone Wolves

The Crew

Nicknames: Each member of the crew will receive a new name (or a nickname) that will cement them as true members of Ironsea. This names can be earned through various tasks that include – but are not limited to – raiding, pillaging, thievery, great demonstrations in the water, outstanding acts of brotherly/sisterly defense, and proof of loyalty beyond measure. These nicknames do not necessarily replace the names of the wolves who join, but act as a safety net to conceal a true name. They will only be given to those who have shown their worth.


Captain – leader of the crew, a pirate shown to have earned his legs long ago.
First Mate – just under the captain, the First Mate will take control of the crew if the captain is no longer able. With this, the First Mate is also in charge of looking out for the Captain to ensure safety.
Quartermaster – this rank acts just as the First Mate does, but instead of tending to the Captain, the Quartermaster will look after the crew primarily.

Middle Tier:
Bos'n (or Boatswain) – a group of two skilled seafarers who are in charge of keeping the territory in tip-top shape. They will mark borders, restock depleted caches with food brought in from the Strikers, and live and breathe the pirate code. Bos'n can also opt to turn toward healing if they desire, taking on more of a support role for the entire pack. 
Striker – the Strikers are another group of two wolves who are primarily focused on feeding the crew and keeping rum stocked. They hunt and fish to fill caches for their fellow Ironsea wolves. They tend to chase away potential dangerous prey from their territory as well. Strikers can also take a second path and follow a pursuit of story-telling and sea shanties to entertain their fellow crew members. 
Rigger – the Riggers are some of the most daring wolves of the crew. They spend a dutiful amount of time in the water to calculate the ebb and flow of the sea. They are those who come in contact with the most dangerous of the sea creatures (sharks, jellyfish, orca) and are expected to fend them off as best as they can. Riggers are most likely to die in their line of work.

Lower Tier:
Cooper – These wolves dig the caches and alert the necessary members when food and rum are running low. They will mentor beneath Strikers to learn their trade and will flesh into hunters and rum-runners. May also mentor beneath Bos'n for healing techniques, if choosen. 
Lookout – those who are in charge of keeping an eye on the surrounding territories to ensure that the pirate's bay is safe and protected. They will scout out to find anything that might be amiss and report it to the crew. Lookouts can also follow in pursuit of the Strikers and either settle on story telling and sea shanties, or keeping to the hunting grounds and watching for dangerous prey. 
Gunner – the Gunners are the four fighters and are quick to throw themselves in any brawl they can find. They have a joy in battle and are vital members of the crew in times of war.
Swab – those who have not earned their sea legs yet and are just joining the crew. The Swabs will be instructed to find their line of work and work toward earning it. Once completed, they will earn their nickname and a true rank in the pack.

Landswolf – pups who are too young to take on the ocean. They are to remain on land until they are able to learn the dangers of the water and the ways of the pirate.
Seawolf – some older pups will get this rank after they have taken their first plunge and have proven themselves to be strong enough to swim.

The Life

Pirate Lingo:
Booty: another term for treasure or rewards
Cast Stones: to vote on something
Duel: a fight typically between two wolves
Grog: rum that has been weakened in water
Ahoy: a greeting or used to get someone's attention
Show a Leg: a term used to wake a sleeping pirate
Feed the Fish: a threat that someone will be thrown to the sea to die
Galley: a place where food is stored (a prey cache)
There will be more added to this as more interest is peaked in people. There's a long list.

Pirate Code:
All of the members of the crew must follow the code:
  • No prey, no pay – the crew will receive no wages but will accept whatever piece of the loot they are offered.
  • Crew members are not to maim, steal, or kill one another and must have their duels overseen.
  • All trespassers must be captured and brought before the captain for questioning and sentencing.
  • No crew member can climb to leadership without first having earned their sea legs and having been given a new name.
  • Parley; all wolves have the right to speak with the Captain, especially if accused of something.
  • Once a pirate, always a pirate; if you abandon your crew, you will be hunted down and killed.

Food and Rum:
Food is to be obtained primarily from the sea, but some Strikers may go out to hunt in the nearby forest to gather food for the galley.
Rum and Grog is a mixture of fermented fruits, berries, and honey. Rum is an essential part of the pirate quality of life. Grog is a similar mixture, only diluted in water to stretch out the amount.
Kris has been just the most helpful person in lending her aid to the formation of these pieces of the pack and I would not have been able to complete this without her aid. <3

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