Ravensblood Forest take a look at your foot, does it fit in this shoe?
October 16, 2019, 06:52 AM
Of course the stranger had never seen Rosalyn. Of course — Raleska was beginning to feel like a hare entrapped in wildfire — all around her the chaos was growing, and she trapped in the middle of it. 

She didn’t bother to hide her frown. My packmate. But Rosalyn was more than that. Rosalyn was the mother Raleska had always wanted — the mentor, the role model — the always constant... and now..

Just, simply... gone.

She just up and disappeared. It’s not like her. How could Raleska explain to a stranger that she and Rosalyn had been to hell and back? That once they had stormed the murky shores of enemy territory to reclaim her, that she had seen Rosalyn through her first litter, had fought and defended alongside her? Some words just weren’t enough.

She stayed a while longer with this man, but before long felt sleepiness overtake her. She was up for an hour after Behemoth left — and it was well into the morning before slumber finally came for her.

all of which makes me anxious,
at times unbearably so.

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