Emberwood The best way to not feel hopeless
January 13, 2020, 06:11 PM
For @Kavik. Slight PP about finding him to get it going. if not okay let me know.

She couldn't take it anymore. Between having to stay around the pack so long and then being attacked by Zephyr on her first time out alone, she was overwhelmed. There was only two people who she ever went to when she was upset and one was dead, so with equal parts anger and hurt she sought out her father finding him patrolling the borders with energetic determination, almost like he had back home to protect them all. It brought her to a pause to see him that way here and in that moment with everything burning inside she realised it made her mad. The feeling burned through her and she moved to stride beside him her eyes focused ahead of her "I went outside. Zephyr attacked me. He's off somewhere with a boy doing I dunno what in the mountains or maybe he's home. I don't know.  guess everyone is content to live here and do as they please. So why can't I Papa?" The words came out with a calm venom that twisted her sweet tone in a way so unlike her that she snapped her jaws shut tight and stopped walking her ears going back against her head. "Why can't I go outside alone? I made a mistake one time, I've been good and obedient and careful since then" her tone had softened but she didn't look at him still, instead her eyes were dropped to the ground and her voice shook as she struggled to stand up for what she wanted without being too mean to her father. He didn't deserve any more pain when they had lost so much and she had done enough to stress him in the past. 

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