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As of late he thought nothing of it, but Simmik’s presence begins to change slowly but surely. He didn’t notice her more frequent touches, the insatiable need to be around him at all times. He is fairly dim after all, but when he finally does notice her being a bit too sweet he wonders what exactly she wants. He even has the balls to think about asking her what exactly she wants from him. He doesn’t though. To afraid she’ll shy away if he asks. So he silently enjoys it. His own eyes gleam with content and his smirk is soft when she presses herself against him lovingly — much more frequently. He would even cock a circular brow at her when she’s being horribly sweet to him. The Grandmaster almost wants to tease her for it, but he refrains from doing so, again, so afraid to loose her attention he desires so bad. 

Yet, it’s only sometime later that he becomes suspicious. He’s five years old, he knows his way around a woman. He’s educated enough to know what happens once or twice a year. So when her scent begins to subtly shift he squints his eyes in suspicion. He might have even noticed it before her. Too obsessed with his beautiful wife not to take in her sweet scent every time he sees her, he definitely notices the change. 

Today though, it’s become official. He knows what’s happening and he connects the dots easily enough. Especially as her eyes playfully glance over to him before she throws herself to the ground, exposing her soft belly to him as she rubs her back along the ground. He eyes her curiously, almost suggestively as his hawkish orbs trace over her sleek form shamelessly. 

His auds face forward and he even jumps a little in surprise when she’s bouncing back up and heading towards him. Pressing herself fully against him. “Darl-“ Darling he’s going to say, but is just in quite the shock as she flicks her tail over his face. “Darling.” He says incredulously, smooth surprise obvious in his voice as he grins down to her. Meeting that mischievous glance she gives him.

His jaw drops when she begins running and, of course, he takes the bait with his own mischievous smirk. His black tongue falls from his mouth as he follows her, large canines fully on display as he pants. Though as the chase continues, he can tell she isn’t trying too hard, so he indulges her. Moving faster to catch up briefly, he moves to tackle her as softly as he able. 

She nips him playfully and her beautiful laughs make him almost melt. Kynareth Deagon, who has literally killed entire packs, slaughtered men, women, and children without a guilty conscience. Somehow he has found a wife as beautiful and as strong as Simmik. He wonders what he’s done to deserve this. Wonders when it’ll end and karma will catch up to him. Or perhaps he’s just a lucky dog and will live happily ever after. Either way, he doesn’t think about it too long as he gazes down to her playfully.

“Simmik,” He whispers her name. “you’re being so sweet and playful. What’s the special occasion?” He asks even though he believes he knows why. His voice deep and suggestive as he leans down to nuzzle into the floor of her neck. Giving it a few bits and licks.
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